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When you list down the good oral hygiene habits, oil pulling is one of the essential activities. While brushing, flossing, cleaning mouth after a meal, etc. are some of the daily oral hygienic habits, oil pulling activity can be done once in a 2 week period. Oil pulling activity has been done since ancient days, as a way to maintain oral health as well as improving general health for a person. You can choose any of the best type of oil for oil pulling that suits you properly. This oil is taken in the mouth and swished through all the sides of the mouth. It removes plaque, bacteria, and other unwanted microorganisms from the mouth.

What type of oil for oil pulling must be used?Oil pulling

Some of the most commonly used oils for oil pulling activities are Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Sesame oil, and Olive oil. Among all these, coconut oil is one of the most commonly used oils for oil pulling activity. A person can feel more comfortable while taking the coconut oil in the mouth. Also, it has good anti-microbial properties that can dilute plaque and other sticky bacteria to a large extent.

How is the oil pulling activity done?

It is suggested by the experts that the oil pulling is best to do during the morning after getting up. This is because oil pulling needs to have the stomach empty for at least two hours before starting it.

Here are some of the general instructions for doing the oil pulling activity:

Take a cup of oil, fill in it and then put some amount of oil in the mouth. Pull the oil and swish it through all the sides of the mouth. This activity must be continued for at least 8 to 12 minutes. After that spit the oil outside and do this activity 4 to 5 times. After completion of this oil pulling activity clean the mouth with warm water properly. It will help you to improve oral health with oil pulling and get rid of plaque. Apart from plaque removal, this oil pulling also helps to remove other microbes from the mouth that can damage oral health. Make sure that oil is completely removed from the mouth after the oil pulling activity as it contains bacteria and other unwanted organisms from the mouth. It is better to avoid the oil pulling activity for the children, it can be done after 16 years of age. Oil pulling with different oil has given a lot of benefits for oral health. Oil pulling dilutes the tougher to remove plaque and tartar nicely than normal brushing. It protects the teeth from further getting damaged.

What are the benefits of the oil pulling activity?Oil pulling

Oil pulling activity is very beneficial for oral health and removes all unwanted things from the mouth.

Here is the list of benefits it provides:

1. It prevents the development of plaque and tartar

The development of the plaque and tartar on the teeth is the result of the bacteria layer developing on the teeth. When these bacteria layer development is not cleaned at an early stage, it causes plaque and tartar which becomes hard to remove. Oil pulling activity helps to remove the plaque and tartar to much extent than normal brushing. Thus, it protects the teeth from further getting damaged.

2. Removes other teeth damaging organisms

It is not just the bacteria that decays the teeth, there are some other organisms too that damage the teeth for a much extent. These organisms get diluted in the oil during the oil pulling activity and are removed out of the mouth. It helps to prevent the teeth from getting more damaged.

3. Controls the bad breath

In many cases, the bad breath problem is found as a result of the increase in the bacteria in the mouth. Also, gum disease causes bad breath problems. Oil pulling removes all the bacteria from the teeth which ultimately controls the problem of bad breath.

4. Reduces gum disease problem

The problems like swollen gums, inflammations, reddish marks on the gums, etc. are the result of some gum disease problem. Gingivitis is one such gum problem that commonly occurs due to the bacteria development on the gums. The oil during the oil pulling activity cleans all the bacteria development on the gums. It helps to keep the gums cleaner and reduce the risk of gum disease.

5. Maintains the overall oral hygiene

Apart from these specific benefits mentioned above, oil pulling activity keeps the overall oral hygiene better. It makes the mouth free from the bacteria that can help to keep up with oral health better.

Although oil pulling activity takes a little more time, it is extremely beneficial. The above-mentioned benefits reflect the different benefits of the oil pulling activity. You can use any best type of oil for oil pulling that can be suitable for you. Oil pulling is certainly determined to improve oral health.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Oil pulling activity is known to only some people for its oral health benefits. Many dental experts recommend their patients to do the oil pulling activity for improving oral health. It dilutes the bacteria in the teeth and removes it from the mouth. Oil pulling is very instrumental in improving oral health nicely.”

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