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Why do you need Pro-Clean Professional Dental Cleaning?

Everyone is recommended to brush their teeth at least twice a day or after every meal to avoid teeth damage. However, just brushing your teeth is not enough. Even when you brush your teeth regularly, you will have plaque and tartar deposits which cause yellow scales and crusty deposits on your teeth. These are caused by bacterial plaque which eventually cause cavities.

The best way to maintain strong teeth and healthy gums is by getting a professional dental cleaning and scaling every six months.

Sabka Dentist provides the best way to begin the preventive oral care ritual of professional dental cleaning and scaling by a Pro-Clean Package at just Rs.100/-.


Our experienced dentists start with a thorough examination of your mouth.

Following this, an ultrasonic scaling device with sonic vibrations is used to remove larger pieces of plaque, biofilm and tartar & stains from the tooth surface and below the gum line.

A manual instrument is then used for removing any residual smaller deposits and smoothening the tooth surface.

If they find any plaque and/or tartar, they will remove them with a metal tool. Usually, plaque and tartar congregate near your gum line and between your teeth. It may feel like scraping and that may concern you, but you should know that this is perfectly normal! And the more buildup in your mouth, the more scraping they will have to do.

Depending on the condition of your teeth, the time a cleaning takes can vary. But usually, the whole appointment can last between 15 to 20 minutes.

Step by Step:

  • A professional clinical examination by the dentist.
  • Oral wash with a medicated mouthwash.
  • Removing plaque, tartar & stains using a ultrasonic scaling machine.
  • Polishing of the teeth with a mint, strawberry or fruit flavored polishing paste.


  • Prevent cavities and tooth decay.
  • Avoid gum disease.
  • Remove stains.
  • Freshens your breath.
  • Helps you save money.
  • Brighten your smile.
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Boost your overall health, etc.
  • Brushing your teeth at home is great, but it’s not enough!

Usually when you brush twice a day; despite that, there is still an accumulation of calculus near your gums hence the only way to remove the tartar is PRO CLEAN Dental Cleaning.

Introductory Offer: Get Pro Clean Dental Cleaning at Rs. 100 only!

Package Includes:

  1. Professional Scaling & Cleaning
  2. Complete Dental Checkup
  3. X-Rays if required