Gum Disease  Signs & Caring Tips

What are the symptoms of gum disease?

1.Bleeding Occurs Frequently in Gums

Gum disease often manifests as easy bleeding during daily activities like brushing, eating, and mouthwash use. In some cases, bleeding can occur without an obvious cause, serving as a key symptom.

2. Red Gums

The presence of red spots on the gums is a common indicator of gum disease, often resulting from gum inflammation.

3. Bad breath

Bad breath symptoms serve as a clear signal of potential gum issues, as they are often linked to an overgrowth of bacteria on the gums and other related problems.

4. Gums getting pulled from teeth

Gum problems can lead to the separation of gums from the teeth. This occurs when the gums are in poor condition, making it difficult for them to stay firmly attached to the teeth, resulting in their gradual pulling away.

5.Pus in the gums

The presence of pus in the gums is a clear sign of gum disease, often causing painful discomfort that requires proper treatment or removal.

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