What is the role of SDalign in improving facial aesthetics?

SDalign offers custom-made invisible braces to straighten teeth, leading to improved facial aesthetics.

Teeth misalignment can significantly impact facial symmetry and the appearance while smiling. Orthodontic treatment, such as SDalign, can improve facial shape and symmetry.

Jawbone Remodeling

In cases of teeth misalignment, such as overbites or underbites, the upper and lower jaws don't align, leading to facial asymmetry. Aligners like SDalign are designed to not only straighten teeth but also correct jaw position, enhancing facial aesthetics.

Balances Facial Symmetry

Misaligned teeth can disrupt facial symmetry and aesthetics. Treatments such as SDalign braces help restore facial symmetry, improving overall aesthetics.

Enhanced apperance during the treatment

Traditional metallic braces are noticeable during treatment, causing social discomfort. In contrast, SDalign's invisibility ensures an improved aesthetic appearance throughout the orthodontic process. Overall, orthodontic treatment enhances facial aesthetics and smiles, with SDalign being an effective option.