How To Get Rid Of Wisdom Tooth Pain?

Wisdom teeth, the final set of molars at the back of the mouth, often bring discomfort during their eruption and growth. Managing this pain can be challenging. While a visit to a nearby dentist offers a permanent solution, there are interim measures to alleviate wisdom tooth pain.

How can you relieve wisdom tooth pain?

Gargle using saltwater

Take a glass of water and add a teaspoon of salt in it then stir it properly. Take the solution in the mouth and rinse the mouth properly. This will reduce inflammation immensely.


Pain relievers

Obtain appropriate non-prescription pain relief medication and seek guidance from a dental professional. This can help alleviate wisdom tooth pain.


Topical numbing gel

Over-the-counter numbing gels containing benzocaine can be applied to the affected area to temporarily reduce pain.


Cold compress

Using a cold compress on your cheek's outer surface can decrease swelling and numb the area, offering relief.