Natural treatments for gum disease and loose teeth ?

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To keep the oral health in a better condition it is important to take care of the overall oral health. Although teeth pain is commonly observed in oral problems in people, gum disease has also been observed among many people. These gum disease problems make it difficult for people for food, chewing and problems like bad breath.


In some cases, the gum disease problems are severe causing the issues like pain, bleeding, and tooth loss. It becomes important to treat these gum problems at the earliest for better oral health.

What are gum diseases?

In gum disease, the earliest stage is Gingivitis that causes the inflammation of the tissues around the teeth. Swollen gums, reddish marks, bleeding, etc. are some of the common symptoms observed here. This occurs mainly due to poor oral hygiene maintenance. The severity of Gingivitis varies widely.


If the Gingivitis stage of the gum disease is not treated soon then it leads to a more severe problem called Periodontitis. This is the later stage that occurs after Gingivitis. Here, more severe symptoms are observed like bleeding gums, loose teeth, and pain in the mouth.

What causes gum diseases?

The main reason for gum disease is due to plaque build-up. It is the bacterial layer building on the teeth and gum that is a little sticky. These bacterial layers irritate the gums and then cause damage. The gum disease causes the problem to the teeth around the gum disease. They further loosen the teeth that cause more pain. So, it is essential to keep the mouth free from the bacteria that can cause gum-related issues.


After analyzing the gum disease or knowing the symptoms, it is essential to visit the dentist soon. Gum disease must be treated sooner for better oral health. However, if you want to try natural ways to treat them then you can go for it. This will reduce the gum disease and provide more relief for it.

What are natural treatments for gum disease?

There are some natural ways through which the gum disease can be reduced.

Here are some of the natural treatments for treating gum disease:

1. Oil pulling

Oil pulling is a very age-old method to clean the mouth, it dilutes the plaque and bacteria that is difficult to remove from normal brushing. Also, the anti-microbial properties possessed by these oils help to heal the inflammatory in the gums nicely. During oil pulling, the specific oil is pulled in the mouth and then the gargling is done for around 10 minutes. It is then spat out completely that contains many unwanted bacteria.

2. Green Teagreen tea

Green tea is very instrumental in reducing the problems like gum disease. The inflammation here gets reduced due to the antioxidants properties it has. The damaged gums are reduced immensely due to the antioxidant property of the green tea. The polyphenols present in green tea help in reducing the bacteria in the gums. Here, one can even drink green tea instead of coffee.

3. Cranberry

Cranberry is effective in reducing the gum disease problem. It has some anti-inflammatory properties that can heal all gum disease and improve the oral health.

4. Turmeric powderTurmeric powder

Turmeric is used as a healing material for long years to heal the injury. Turmeric powder has an anti-inflammatory and anti-septic problem that can heal gum disease. They clean the bacteria to a lot of extents that can clean the mouth nicely. 

5. Vitamin C rich food

Vitamin C good food has got very nice anti-inflammatory properties that can heal the injury. They reduce the risk of gum disease like Gingivitis and Periodontitis. Oranges, grapefruit, mango, strawberry, etc. are some of the Vitamin C enriched fruit that is essential to treat gum disease.

6. Saltwater Rinsing

Saltwater is also considered very effective in solving oral issues for many years. One spoon of salt must be added to one glass of warm water and mixed properly. The rinsing must be done for around 10 minutes in the mouth. Saltwater has got a nice anti-inflammatory property that can heal gum disease nicely. The anti-bacterial property of the saltwater also helps to keep the mouth clean from the bacteria.

7. Baking Sodabaking soda

Baking soda is effective in removing the sticky bacterial material from the mouth that is difficult to remove with brushing. It also removes the plaque that helps to clean the teeth. 


These are some of the natural ways through which gum disease can be reduced. Using these methods can avoid many oral health issues along with gum disease. Although the above are the effective ways for treating gum disease, it is also important to follow nice habits like brushing, flossing, etc. By treating the gum disease, a person can achieve their oral health nicely.

Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Gum disease is caused mainly due to bacterial build-up on the gums. Dental experts advice on treating gum disease to avoid more complications. Natural methods used for gum disease can help to treat it soon. Reduction of gum disease is influential in improving the oral health of the individual."

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