3 types of Crowns

Metal Crown

A dental metal crown is a tooth restoration consisting of a metal alloy, such as stainless steel or gold. It's placed over a damaged or decayed tooth, providing strength and protection.


These crowns are durable and often used for molars due to their strength. Dentists carefully customize and fit them for patients' optimal oral health.

Porcelain Crown

An all-porcelain crown is a dental restoration crafted entirely from ceramic materials. It's known for its natural appearance, closely resembling a real tooth.


These crowns are often used for front teeth due to their aesthetic appeal. Dentists choose them to restore both function and beauty to a patient's smile.

Zirconia Crown

Zirconia dental crowns are strong, ceramic-based tooth caps. They offer durability and a lifelike appearance. Dentists use them for various dental restorations, ensuring both strength and aesthetics.


Zirconia crowns are a popular choice for long-lasting dental repairs.

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Dr. Rupali Gujar