Is it common to have a cavity in kids?

The presence of bacteria in the mouth



Tooth decay is not caused by sugar. It happens due to infectious, transmissible bacteria. They produce acid, which damages the outer layer called enamel and causes cavities eventually.

Doctors restrict sweets during cavity treatment due to this link. Cavity-causing bacteria spread via saliva, increasing cavity risk with frequent mouth contact.

Food Habits

We know that sugar doesn’t cause cavities directly, but there is an indirect relation. Therefore, it is essential to limit the consumption of sugary substances, soft drinks, and snacks. Thus, you reduce the possibility of cavities. esides sweet-tasting substances, there are other foods that can lead to cavities. These include items with fermentable carbohydrates, like starchy foods, processed foods, and those made from refined flour. These carbs break down into sugars and contribute to tooth decay.

Enamel Defects

Enamel, the tough outer layer of teeth, can develop defects like enamel hypoplasia, potentially leading to tooth decay. These flaws can be inherited or caused by environmental factors like trauma.

Dental Care Practices

Poor hygiene habits aggravate the problem of tooth decay. Kids must be trained to brush their teeth well. Also, develop the habit of brushing before bedtime. They should rinse their mouth properly after eating sweets or sticky food. When you search for the nearest “teeth clinic near me” on the Internet, make sure you meet an experienced dentist.