Is it common to have a cavity in kids?

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Parents work hard to take good care of their child’s teeth, but they realize one fine morning that there is a cavity.

It is quite frustrating for some people. They have been taking all the precautions to avoid it. The kid doesn’t eat sugary substances. He keeps a distance from ice-creams, candies, and cola. Yet he gets cavities and none of his friends ever gets it.


What could be the reason behind the problem?

Well, contrary to common belief, whether the kid gets cavities or not depends a lot on simply whether the child eats lots of sweets or brushes regularly.


It is the result of a complex interplay between a variety of behavioral, environmental, and biological factors.

Let’s understand them in detail before you frantically search the internet for “teeth clinic near me” after seeing the first cavity.

What might cause cavities?

There is a wide variety of factors that contribute to the formation of cavities in kids. Some of the important ones are:

Bacterial colonization in the mouth


Tooth decay is not caused by sugar. It happens due to infectious, transmissible bacteria. They produce acid, which damages the outer layer called enamel and causes cavities eventually.

Since the bacteria get food from sugar, it forms a connection between cavities and sugar.


Doctors limit the consumption of sweet substances while removing cavities from teeth because of this connection.

These bacteria transmit through saliva. The more frequently a kid’s mouth comes into contact with saliva that contains cavity-causing bacteria, the more likely he develops cavities.


To avoid this, it is very important to maintain oral hygiene. The kids should not be allowed to come into contact with the saliva of others. Avoid sharing utensils with the kid. Clean toys that other kids may have had in their mouth before allowing the kid to play with them.

Food Habits

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We know that sugar doesn’t cause cavities directly, but there is an indirect relation. Therefore, it is essential to limit the consumption of sugary substances, soft drinks, and snacks. Thus, you reduce the possibility of cavities.


And you should not forget one important aspect. Other than substances that taste sweet, there are other foods also, that cause cavities. They are food items that contain fermentable carbohydrates.


Carbs break down into sugars and cause cavities. All starchy food, processed food, and food made from refined flour fall in this category.

Some defects in the enamel

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Enamel is the hard substance that protects the outer surface of the teeth. Sometimes, there are defects like enamel hypoplasia that may result in developing tooth decay. These defects are hereditary or a result of environmental factors such as trauma.

Oral hygiene habits

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Poor hygiene habits aggravate the problem of tooth decay.

Kids must be trained to brush their teeth well. Also, develop the habit of brushing before bedtime. They should rinse their mouth properly after eating sweets or sticky food.


When you search for the nearest teeth clinic near me” on the Internet, make sure you meet an experienced dentist.

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