Ways To Treat a Toothache At Night...

What can be the causes of getting toothache at night?

Teeth Grinding


Gum Disease

Food particle gets stuck in the teeth

Decayed Tooth






Removing food particles stuck

If toothache is due to a stuck food particle, remove it immediately using a mirror and gentle techniques to reduce pain. Rinse your mouth thoroughly afterward.

Taking Proper Medication

If your dentist has prescribed medication for your toothache, taking it as instructed can help alleviate pain. If you don't have the prescribed medication, visit a pharmacy to obtain it.

Rinsing with saltwater

Using lukewarm water, mix in some salt to create a saltwater solution for rinsing your mouth. This can help reduce inflammation in the teeth and gums and promote oral wound healing. Be sure to thoroughly spit out the solution, as it may contain harmful bacteria.

Peppermint tea bags

Peppermint tea bags possess natural numbing properties that can temporarily alleviate discomfort around the affected tooth. Cooling these tea bags slightly can provide faster relief. The soothing sensation they offer can temporarily distract from the toothache pain.