9 Ways To Treat a Toothache At Night

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When you are suffering from any dental health problems then toothaches are very painful. Generally, a person can visit or call the dentist to get the solution for the toothache problem. However, the problem becomes very grave when the toothache problem arises at night. Here, a person finds it difficult to approach their dentist or other dental experts for minimizing the pain. Some people do not know the pain of the toothache until they experience one. However, a person always needs to be prepared and educate themselves about the solution for the toothache problem with proper tooth care.

Toothache is really a painful experience that needs instant relief. How to get relief from toothache? Knowing the cause of the pain is important to get a proper solution. However, to get instant relief you can do certain things like taking medicines, food particles removal from teeth, salt water rinsing, using peppermint tea bags, etc.

What can be the causes of getting toothache at night? toothache at night

There can be any of the reasons for causing toothache at night. Mostly, the toothache occurs to the disturbed tooth. Here are some of the reasons for toothache at night:
  • Habits like teeth grinding at night can cause the problem for a person.
  • An increasing amount of cavity on the tooth is one of the most common causes of the toothache problem.
  • When the food particle gets stuck in the teeth, it can cause discomfort and toothache.
  • Gum disease can also cause a toothache problem.
  • A forceful bite on the decayed tooth can cause toothache.
These are some of the common causes of toothache at night. Apart from these, there can be many other reasons too for the toothache.

How to get rid of toothache at night?

Toothache at night can really be very painful. So, some knowledge on proper treatment is essential to reduce the pain and get some relief.

One of the problematic things experienced is getting a toothache at night. It is not possible to visit the dentist, so getting instant relief is very important. How to get rid of toothache at night? Some of the natural ways involve saltwater rinsing, removing food particles from teeth, applying cold compresses, etc. If you have the related medicines then you can use them.

Natural ways to help Toothache

It is not possible to visit the dentist immediately on some occasions when you are going through a toothache. There are some natural ways to help toothache problems on these occasions. Some of these natural ways include applying peppermint tea bags, rinsing with saltwater, removing food particles from teeth, and different other methods.

Here are 9 methods to get rid of toothache at night:

1. Removing food particles stuck

If, in case, the toothache is caused due to a food particle stuck in the teeth then it is essential to remove it immediately. If the food particles are not viewable then you can take a small mirror, put some light in your mouth and remove it gently. This can reduce the pain caused due to it. Also, after removing the food particles have proper rinsing.

2. Taking proper medication

If your dentist has recommended any medication for the toothache problem then taking those medications can minimize pain. If you do not have any medications then go to the medical shop and ask for the same.

3. Rinsing with saltwater Rinsing with saltwater

Take mild-warm water then add some salt in it and rinse the mouth with the saltwater solution. It can reduce the inflammation in the tooth or gums and heal oral wounds. Take care that all the water is spat out properly as it contains different germs and bacteria.

4. Use cold compresses

Cold compresses from the outer side of the toothache can be helpful in relieving the pain. A piece of ice must be wrapped in the cloth and compression for about 20 minutes must be given. This will help to reduce the pain and feel comfortable.

5. Rinsing with guava solution

The leaves of the guava have many anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. The solution of the guava or their leaves mixed with water must be used for rinsing. It can give much relief from the pain. Eating fresh guava leaves can also be an effective solution for toothache.

6. Peppermint tea bags Tea bags

The peppermint tea bags have nice numbing properties that can help to numb the area around the tooth for some while. Cooling these tea bags a little can help to give quicker results. The sensation caused after putting this can help to take your mind away from the pain caused by toothache for some duration.

7. Rinsing with hydrogen peroxide

If the toothache is caused due to a cavity-ridden tooth or gum disease then using hydrogen peroxide can be beneficial. They help in reducing the plaque and other bacteria levels from the teeth. This solution must be swished properly in the mouth and then spat out.

8. Acupressure technique

Some of the experts suggest trying the Acupressure technique, as it can release some endorphins from the body. This will help to reduce the level of pain due to toothache and provide some relief.

9. Using clove oil

Clove oil has been used since ancient days for reducing inflammation and treating dental pain. It has natural antiseptic properties that can heal wounds and reduce pain. Here, a small amount of clove oil must be put on the cotton ball and put on the painful tooth. It can provide more relief after a while for the person. These are some of the ways through which you can treat the toothache caused at night or on any occasion. These are some of the most effective remedies that can reduce pain naturally. Make sure that after applying these remedies, you visit the dentist soon to get a permanent solution. This will help to avoid toothache problems from occurring again with proper dental treatment.

Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Toothache occurring at night can cause more trouble to an individual. Dental experts suggest some of the natural ways to reduce pain in these situations. These methods can provide temporary relief for an individual with healing. Visiting the dental expert sooner can help to get a permanent solution."

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