Benefits of dental polishing

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Benefits of Dental Polishing

Everyone wants gleaming teeth that add value to the smile. The appearance of your teeth plays a phenomenal role in your personality. Therefore, people search for the best teeth whitening that works well at a reasonable price.

Amongst different processes, dental polishing is quite popular. It is also known by names like tooth polishing, coronal polishing, and so on.

What Is Dental Polishing?

This procedure smoothens the exposed surface of the teeth using a slow-speed dental tool. Once the teeth are scaled and the plaque and tartar are removed, the cosmetic dentist uses the polishing procedure. The two ways of dental polishing are explained here.

Procedure 1

The dentist uses a fine to a coarse paste and fills it in a rubber cup. The cup is attached to a rotating tool. When the tool runs along the surface of the teeth, it polishes the external surface. Light stains and leftover dental plaque get removed, and the teeth become smooth and shiny.

Procedure 2

In this method, a water jet and air jet are used alternatively. Along with these jets, glycine or sodium bicarbonate is used. This polishing method is less invasive. Also, it can remove slightly deeper stains also. This method protects sensitive teeth also.

Teeth Polishing Benefits

The teeth polishing procedure plays an important role in the teeth whitening process. If it is skipped, then the person misses so many benefits that are associated with the process.

 Clean teeth price is regularly coming down. Therefore, more people use this procedure for better results.

1 It Prevents Cavities

Plaque buildup results in tooth decay. It is because plaque destroys the tooth enamel. If it remains unattended, then it will result in cavities. Regular teeth polishing can make the teeth white, and it is the first step in removing cavity from teeth.

2 It Stops Tooth Loss

When plaque accumulates, it triggers gum disease. Gum diseases advance rapidly, but silently. Built-up dental plaque is the main culprit in that. It offers an opening to the bacteria so that it can enter and multiply in the gum cavity.   By the time people realize it, the supporting bones in the jaw get damaged. The tooth loosens and ultimately falls out.

When plaque is removed by dental polishing, the probability of developing periodontitis is quite low.

Thus, the possibility of tooth loss can be reduced by regular polishing and dental hygiene habits.

3 It Freshens the Breath

The freshness of your breath largely depends on the health of the teeth and gums. The primary reason behind bad breath is built up of bacteria, there are many other reasons also.

Polishing of teeth reduces the reasons that cause unpleasant breath or halitosis. Just regular brushing and flossing are not enough. Teeth polishing is the best way to reduce the population of the bacteria and keep the mouth healthy and odor-free.

4 It Brightens the Smile

Some food and drinks leave awful and nasty stains on your teeth. That affects self-esteem and confidence. When cosmetic experts use dental polishing methods, built-up stains disappear. These lighter strains are not likely to be removed by just brushing. Your fresh and attractive, polished teeth make your smile whiter and brighter.

It is a reality and not an illusion!

5 Your Health Improves

Oral health puts a direct impact on your overall health.  When the teeth get cleaned using dental polishing methods, it lowers the risk of a number of diseases. Some of the medical conditions are life-threatening.

6 It Reduces Plaque

As mentioned earlier, dental plaque builds up even with the best oral hygiene practice. Therefore, you need professional cleaning after regular intervals. By teeth polishing, plaque gets scraped off by the dental expert. It not only improves the appearance of the teeth but reduces plaque.

7 It protects the enamel

Enamel is the uppermost layer of the teeth that should be protected for better teeth health and longevity. Since it is a finite resource that has no replacement, it is all the more important to protect it.  By polishing, you can preserve that. Polishing reduces the possibility of bacterial infection, which is the biggest threat to enamel erosion.

Thus, there are several benefits of teeth polishing. You should buzz the nearest dental expert and schedule an appointment for dental polishing now.

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