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You have been to doctors whenever you faced problems like neck, body, eyes and few more. But, have you ever been to a dentist when you faced toothache or pain in the tooth? Well, you may think that Dental treatments are expensive, painful, and slow! But at Sabka dentist in Krishna Nagar, Ahmedabad stands exceptionally. It breaks all the stereotypes or the thoughts that people get related to the dental clinics.

Sabka dentist is a fast running dental chain amongst all the dental clinics in India. It has spread its Brand name across the cities of Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Surat, and Ahmedabad. We have a team of more than 500 working members with 100 and more clinics across India.

The motive of Sabka Dentist is to spread all over the country and provide dental treatments at reduced rates. Sabka Dentist is accessible to everyone with less amount of money or a large amount of money. Making everything convenient Sabka dentist uses high-standard technology, breaking the barrier of using traditional means of dentistry.

At Sabka Dentist in Krishna Nagar, Ahmedabad, we have various types of topmost dental experts like Endodontists, Pedodontists, Periodontists, Implantologists, Orthodontists, and even general Dentists who work efficiently towards the betterment of the patients and their oral care. We keep improving the condition of the patient’s oral health by giving them daily updates about teeth and mouth. Dentist in Krishna Nagar, Ahmedabad, our dentist brings personal connections with the patients to let them know how important they are! At our clinic in Krishna Nagar, Ahmedabad, we have a warm welcoming staff, topmost dental professionals, and a positive environment.

Dentists in Krishna Nagar, Ahmedabad, follow the protocol of maintaining privacy. Hence, our dentist follows the protocol of keeping the information personal. We charge our patients for the treatment at minimal prices. Being the most affordable dental clinic in Ahmedabad, we also offer our patients with Every Month Installments (EMI) to the patients at Zero percent interest rate, making them free from the financial burden and offering the best dental care. At Sabka Dentist we care for everybody’s time. Hence, we provide our visiting client with Zero waiting policy.

  1. General Dentistry :

    At absolutely free of cost, we provide or offer you with the finest dental check-up, consultation, and X-ray to the patient who has oral health issues. You can expect all these things only at Sabka Dentist. We expect our patients to keep faith in us.

  2. Root Canal Treatment :

    This treatment is related to the extraction of the pulp or the infected nerve from the socket of the tooth. How does it take place? The root that is damaged or decayed due to cavities is pulled out gently preventing the infection to spread more in the area, and in case if it spreads, it will affect the other teeth.
    Hence, the infected area is cleaned properly. To cover the area from further infection, a rubber like material called gutta- percha is placed onto the tooth. For more protection, a dental crown is placed on the teeth as to make the tooth look like a natural tooth.

  3. Orthodontic Treatment :

    Orthodontic treatment is the most recommended treatment for the patients with misaligned teeth. Orthodontic treatment is carried on with the specialist called orthodontist who deals with the fixing of the misaligned teeth. Braces are not only made to improve the appearance or alignment of the teeth, but also corrects the overall health of the teeth and functionality like irregular bites are controlled. It boosts one’s confidence and smile.

  4. Periodontics :

    Sometimes due to the poor oral health, gums are also severely affected. Hence, it can lead to gum diseases. Even due to medical condition of the teeth gums can be inflamed. A periodontist is the one who checks the recession in the gum line. They will also examine the functionality of the gum and take treatment steps accordingly.
    A small handy probe is used by the periodontist to check the condition of the gums and to seek in and check for the reason and areas where it has been affected. The gums can also be easily examined by X-ray.

  5. Pedodontics :

    It is an important branch that deals with oral health of the children. At Sabka Dentist in Krishna Nagar, Ahmedabad, We have the child specialist called pedodontists. Children are more prone to eating chocolates and sweets as compared to adults, the risk of growing cavities is higher and that leads to poor oral health in children. Hence, for children it is necessary to visit a pedodontist on a regular basis. At Sabka Dentist in Krishna Nagar, Ahmedabad, we have the best periodontist if you don’t get any.

  6. Extraction of the tooth :

    When the tooth loses it accessibility extraction of the tooth is the only option. A cavity, damage, decayed, or unfixable tooth that has no solution, Extraction is the only solution. Extraction of the tooth can be occured in Orthodontics treatment so as to create space for the rest of teeth to move. Hence, the dentist will remove the tooth or teeth out, to make plenty space for other teeth or to eliminate the further pain.

  7. Cosmetic Dentistry :

    We often see in the pictures where people have got white teeth and think what is the reason for white teeth! Our teeth are highly discoloured or stained due to the consumption of the acidic food and beverages items. This treatment will help you to get natural white teeth eliminating the stains and discolouration. Sabka Dentist offer our patients the treatment where they will apply bleach on your teeth and use a dental instrument to clean the teeth.

Sabka Dentist is a uniquely made clinic in the locality of Krishna Nagar, Ahmedabad. Simple and effective methods of choosing and selecting a dentist is necessary and by keeping the following headpoints in mind you will get the best clinic:

  • Search for the recommendation that is from a reliable source!
  • See for a dental clinic that is clean and hygienic!
  • Dental staff should be polite and helpful!
  • All the dentists should be knowledgeable !
  • Search for the dental clinic that has financial perks!
  • All types of dentists should be available under one roof!
  • The dental clinic should be close to your place.
  • They should be available on call, chat or their website!

Visiting Sabka Dentist in Krishna Nagar, Ahmedabad, provides transparency, faith, and comfort to the patients. One can be now free to speak about the issues at Sabka dentist as information will be given privacy. Sabka Dentist makes it possible for every person, regardless of their status to opt for dental treatments. We are the only dentist in Krishna Nagar, Ahmedabad, that stands out to be different from other dental chains in the locality.

The atmosphere will give the patients a fearless aura. To experience the wonders of Dental treatments under one roof Visit Sabka Dentist in Krishna Nagar, Ahmedabad, today or book an appointment.

Very Nice Services. In the times of Covid -19, the way clinic staff is putting hygiene on top is commendable. Also Dr. Urvi was really explained everything in details and patiently. Great service team Sabka Dentist. keep it up.
Bharti Chainani
Bharti Chainani
14:28 13 Aug 20
Nitin Sutariya
Nitin Sutariya
15:04 06 Aug 20
Sanjay Patel
Sanjay Patel
11:33 24 Jul 20
girish pahuja
girish pahuja
08:16 17 Jul 20
Krunal Makwana
Krunal Makwana
05:25 23 Jun 20
mayur wankhade
mayur wankhade
14:29 19 Mar 20
Sai plywood Factory
Sai plywood Factory
07:33 18 Mar 20
There's exlence service and best adviser 5out 5 like family doctor
Prajapati Ajay
Prajapati Ajay
15:25 17 Mar 20
Aarti Patel
Aarti Patel
14:10 17 Mar 20
Milan Patel
Milan Patel
13:47 17 Mar 20

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