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At Sabka Dentist, we provide better dental treatment services within budget-friendly prices. We are one of the well-known dental treatment service providers in India. We strive to achieve dental awareness in India by providing dental checkups & X-rays for free.

We provide different dental treatments like RCT (Root Canal Treatment), Cavity Filling, Extraction, Dental Implants, Braces and Orthodontic Treatment, Full Mouth Rehabilitation, and different other treatments. Our clinics are spread in the different areas of important cities of India like Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore.

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Dental Check Up

Dental Check-up
The dentist will evaluate the health of your teeth and gums. The dentists will then take an X-RAY if required. A tentative treatment plan and quotation would be given to the patient post check -up.

Replacement of Missing Teeth

A dental bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth. It is also known as fixed prosthesis and they are fixed in a position. Dental bridges take the support of the adjacent teeth and the artificial teeth to fix in a proper position. They help tremendously in chewing the food properly when the teeth are missing.
Dentures are plastic made teeth that are useful for replacing lost or missing teeth. Dentures are made with high-quality techniques to ensure that the functionality of the teeth is restored. Dentures are supported by surrounding soft and hard tissues. They are extremely useful when there is the loss of teeth.
Overdentures are placed properly with the support of dental implants. They can replace one or more teeth easily with a simple dental application that is detachable. Losing teeth tends to disturb the jaw bone structure. Overdenture is helpful in restoring the original structure of the jaw bone.
Dental Implants are used in the case of missing teeth. They easily replace the roots of the missing teeth which can support the bridges, crowns, or dentures. Here, a surgical fixture like a screw is placed properly into the jawbone. A crown is generally placed over the screw to make it function properly.

Orthodontic Treatment

Clear Aligners Invisible Braces

Clear aligners are orthodontic appliances that use a transparent plastic form of dental braces to adjust a tooth. Clear Aligners or Invisible Braces make orthodontic treatment easy, effective, and efficient for people of all ages. 

Dental Braces Treatment is used in the case of improper teeth alignment. Dental Braces put proper light pressure on the specific teeth that can force them to move in the proper direction and take the proper position. Some of the main types of braces are Metallic Braces, Cosmetic Braces, Ceramic Braces, Lingual Braces, etc.

Restorative Treatments

Root Canal treatments are advised when the bacteria development reaches more in the root area in the pulp of the tooth. In root canal treatment, the infected pulp area is removed and cleaned. The pulp area is then filled with suitable biodegradable material. Root canal treatment helps to retain the teeth in the position.
A crown is a cover placed over the tooth when the tooth gets decayed or damaged. The crowns are made tooth-shaped that can fit properly over the tooth. The Crowns are also known as the Caps. They are helpful for preventing the tooth from further damage along with keeping it functioning properly for longer duration.
Dental Fillings are the dental procedures where the cavities on the tooth are removed from a decayed tooth. Space is then filled with suitable dental material to protect it from getting further decayed. Material like porcelain, gold, silver amalgam, plastics, and few other types of material can be used for dental fillings.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Tooth Extraction involves the removal of the tooth from the dental sockets. When the tooth gets badly damaged due to decay, crack, or any other reason, it becomes necessary for the tooth extraction. Tooth extraction is done only in the situation where it is not possible to protect the damaged tooth from any treatment.
Wisdom teeth erupt during the later stage and they are the last 4 teeth to erupt in the mouth. Most people experience a problem during the eruption of these teeth causing pain. It is mainly due to lack of space or causing decay at the early stage. This impacted wisdom tooth can either be removed from the position or it is treated properly depending on the situation.
Temporomandibular Joint [TMJ] disorder is the pain experienced in the jaw joint. Here, the pain is mainly experienced in the neck, shoulders, and jaw. It also has the chance of causing migraine problems. The treatment can help to move the jaw in a better way.

Pain Management

Teeth sensitivity is short duration pain in the teeth which causes while eating or drinking cold, hot, sweet, etc. The sensitivity in the teeth can be due to many reasons like cavities in teeth, worn fillings, gum disease, thin teeth enamel due to wearing out the surface layers, and other reasons.

Periodental Treatment: Gum Treatment and Surgeries

Gum Surgery
If Gum Disease problems are not taken care of early then it causes more problems like tooth weakening, loss of bone, or even loss of some healthy tooth. These problems can be avoided with gum surgery. Here, the infected gums are removed carefully to avoid further infection and ensure proper treatment.
Teeth Cleaning treatment is done when the teeth become more yellowish or brownish. It usually occurs due to the development of plaque or tartar on it. The teeth cleaning process involves cleaning the teeth with the spray of water and dental solution mixture. It makes the teeth look cleaner.
Cavities are mainly responsible for the decay in the teeth. It is mainly caused when the bacteria development increases from the food particles. It turns into mild acid that slowly attacks the teeth. They eventually cause cavity development on the teeth over a specific period.

Cosmetic Dentistry



When the brownish or yellowish layer gets developed on the teeth surface, the tooth gets stained. Generally, the stains occur due to the outer surface, inner surface, or growing age of the person. The stain on the teeth does not give a better appearance for a person.



In Teeth whitening or bleaching, the discoloration of the teeth is done. This treatment helps to remove the stains from the stained teeth. Specific dental chemical agents are used by dental experts during the teeth whitening process. Generally, 40 to 60 minutes are incurred for this treatment.



Dental Veneers or laminates are helpful in getting the smile better by making the teeth whiter. For the making tooth look white, thin-layered ceramics are used during the treatment. Dental Veneers also used in closing gaps between teeth, shaping teeth properly, and changing the color whiter for teeth.



Stains on teeth, chips on the tooth, and several other issues make a person’s smile inappropriate. Smile makeover treatment can help to solve these issues to much extent. Different dentistry methods can be used by dental experts for smile makeover treatment.

Preventive Dentistry



The plaque and tartar are removed from the teeth with the help of the Teeth Cleaning and Polishing method. The gum line is more infected due to plaque development, so the proper focus is made here during this treatment. In case of more bacterial development of the teeth causes the problem of plaque.

Dental Sealants Treatment


The surface of the teeth is protected properly with the help of the Pit and Fissure Sealants. While chewing the tooth is protected through sealants from further getting damaged. The bacteria development is restricted with the help of the sealants. It reduces the possibility of plaque development.

Oral Pathology


The development of specific ulcers on the softer tissues of the mouth is called Canker sores. Mostly, it occurs in the gum areas of the mouth. A combination of different reasons is responsible for the canker sores development. Causing pain during eating and drinking is the main problem associated with this oral health problem. So, treating it at the earliest is very important.

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