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Address: S.N. -4510, Empire Estate Bldg.-J, Shop No 11, Premire City, Near Jai Hind Mall, Behind vijay sales,, Mumbai Pune Highway, Pimpri Chinchwad, Empire Estate Phase 1, Chinchwad, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra 411019

Phone Number: 082918 47006
Monday - Saturday
9 AM - 9 PM

Sabka Dentist in Chinchwad, Pune is the most advanced specialty Dental Care with a futuristic approach. Our high-standard clinic is equipped with high- tech instruments to meet the dental needs of the patients by offering the newest dental procedures and latest technologies at an economical rate. Sabka Dentist in Chinchwad, Pune confines our patients with a calm surrounding, that will amaze them with painless and fast use of modern dentistry.

We aim to provide our patients a good oral health and create beautiful smiles at low-cost prices. We strive to create an engaging nature with our patients, so to make them comfortable with the friendly- environment of our clinic in Chinchwad, Pune. In the process of achieving the goals, we provide dental treatment like implant, restoration, preventive and Conventional treatment.

We know that you will be satisfied not only with the treatment but also, with the way you are treated. Here, at Sabka Dentist in Chinchwad- Pune we have friendly staff, warm and welcoming ambiance and transparency.

Sabka Dentist in Chinchwad, Pune, offers a wide range of contented treatments from major smile makeover, full mouth dental implants to any cosmetic dentistry procedure under one roof!

We satisfy our happy patients with high- standard treatment accustomed by our well trained and specialized dental team who promises to serve their patients constantly and pleasantly.

We are very well- managed in terms of providing the best services to the patients using high- tech of instrumentation.

As we value for our patients, most importantly we value the money, In this case, we provide treatment at an economical rate.

Our Dentist in Chinchwad, Pune deal with the attentiveness to handle all the treatments and provide timely service to all our patients by giving them zero waiting policy.

If you’re trying to find any form of dental treatment like metal free crowns and bridges, veneers, dental implants, teeth change of color, implant dentures, smile corrections, gap closures, mounted teeth, root canal treatment, gum surgery, laser dentistry, gummy smile correction, wisdom teeth extractions, dental X-rays, etc.we are the ideal choice in the best dentists for dental treatment in Chinchwad Pune, India.

  • Scaling and Polishing:Dental scaling should be routinely performed to avoid gum diseases and excessive plaque build-up. We use Ultrasonic devices to remove the stains, tartar and plaque from the teeth surface. Our dentists in Chinchwad, Pune recommends every patient to get scaling and cleaning done every 6 months to maintain the oral health.
  • Periodontics or Treatment Of Gums:We have Periodontics dentists in Chinchwad who are expertise in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of all periodontal diseases. Periodontal diseases, also generally referred to as gum disease, in adults, is a leading cause of tooth loss.
  • Orthodontic Treatment (Braces):Orthodontic treatment also known as Braces will help to straighten the teeth also move them into a better position, giving your mouth a systematic smile. This treatment will not only improve the appearance but also the way the teeth bite together, and also making them easier to clean. Our orthodontic experts at Sabka Dentist clinic in Chinchwad provide various options of braces in orthodontic treatment like metal and ceramic tooth-colored braces.
  • Root canal treatment (RCT):Root Canal Treatment is the process of saving the tooth and eliminating toothache by removing infected soft tissue, within the affected tooth and replacing it with an artificial inert ‘filling’ material. Our dentists in Chinchwad, Pune indicate root canal treatment if needed. We also offer single sitting root canal treatments, we have Endodontist who are the experts in root canal treatment at our dental hospital in Chinchwad.
  • Crowns, Bridges and Dentures:Missing tooth should be replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise, mesial drift, which is the tendency of teeth to move in mesial direction within the arch, will close the gap produced by missing teeth over time. Different fixed prosthetics are available like crowns, bridges, and implants. Also, removable options include partial/complete dentures.
  • Prosthodontics for Dental Implant:Dental implants also benefit general oral health, because they do not have to be anchored to other teeth, like bridges. Dental Implants are the most recommended option given by the dentist for the replacement of the missing teeth. Implants are considered to be long lasting, higher functioning and gives the best results in terms of aesthetics. One can also replace a single missing tooth, multiple teeth or all your missing teeth with implants.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry:Cosmetic dentistry procedure, including bridges, crowns, whitening , veneers, implants, gum reshaping or braces are ways to improve the look of your beautiful smile. A beautiful smile imparts self-confidence and embraces the personality also. We realize this and provide the following dental services to enhance your smile:
  1. Teeth Whitening
  2. Smile Makeover with veneer
  3. Cavity filling
  4. Laser Dentistry
  • Search on Google or some other search engine. Make a list of the clinics that are featured and that appeals to you.
  • Checkout the reviews of the clinic and select the dental clinic accordingly.
  • Make sure when you select the dentist clinic checkout the treatment provided by them.
  • Read the qualifications and experience of the dentist rendering their services to the patients.
  • Look for references provided by the clinic and ask to be put in touch with the ones you like.
  • Check out the clinic whether it has equipment or not.
  • Check the guarantee of the clinic.
  • Ask your family doctor ( as they know well ) or a local pharmacist.
  • If you’re moving to bangalore ask your existing dentist for the suggestion.
  • Contact the local dental clinics

If you are one of those individuals who are particular about your dental health care, you must choose the best when it involves dentistry checkups and treatments. Sabka Dentist is consistently rated as one of the best dental clinics in Chinchwad, Pune. At Sabka Dentist, people not just get top class treatment for their dental concerns, but also get to enjoy one of the best in-clinic patient experience across India. No matter the background or profession of an individual, we guarantee that all our patients feel at ease and experience absolutely no challenges when approaching or getting their dental complications across to our dental specialists. We are amongst the top dental clinic chains in Chinchwad, Pune, and have a legacy which is unmatched by any other dental clinic in Chinchwad, Pune, India. Our dentists are some of the best dentists in Chinchwad, Pune.

Sabka Dentist often makes it to the list of best dental hospitals in Chinchwad, Pune, owing to our wonderful team of dental specialists and doctors, and advanced facilities within our dental clinics. Sabka Dentist was started way back in October 2010, with a single clinic in Vile Parle. Currently, we have grown to around more than a 100 clinics in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, Bangalore, Navi Mumbai, Thane. Our team at Sabka Dentist works to encourage better dental health and aid men, women and children to feel and look good, and proudly carry their smiles. No wonder, due to our team’s devotion and vision to help spread smiles across the world, we have consistently managed to get to the list of top dental hospitals in Chinchwad, Pune.

So, next time you plan on visiting a ‘teeth hospital in Chinchwad’, Pune, we should be at the top of your list of dental hospitals in Chinchwad, Pune. Consider us your own ‘Apna Dentist’; our dentists are undoubtedly some of the best dentists in Chinchwad, Pune, and we can help you with your oral problems so that you can carry on and spread joy and happiness across with your delightful smile.

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Shahrukh Momin
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DSD9 Talent
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Nishtha Gupta
Nishtha Gupta
09:58 24 Dec 20
Yesterday on FB I saw a post of Sabaka Dentist n I clicked on it.Surprisingly with in couple of hours I got a call to fix the appointment for chekup at my convenient clinic. I appreciate the approch n there gentle behavior even at their clinic.Over all it was a good experience.
Arun Pabalkar
Arun Pabalkar
12:30 23 Dec 20
Good and polite staff very helpful and adjustable . Doctors are also well trained and give honest opinions .
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Tejas Agarwal
14:45 22 Dec 20

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