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It takes a little part of your day for taking care of your teeth. Healthy gums and teeth lead to a healthy life. Make sure you don’t go anywhere a single day without brushing your teeth. Also, our dentist in Aundh recommends each patient to visit a dental clinic for dental checkups every six months in a year.

Sabka dentist provides free dental checkup & X-rays to every person who visits our dental clinic in Aundh. Our aim for providing free checkups is to create awareness about oral hygiene which people often ignore when it comes to dental care.

We, at Sabka dentist in Aundh, are devoted towards serving our best facilities with the superior treatment. We provide a range of services to make sure our patients get the treatment with utmost care. Our highly qualified dentist and well educated friendly staff never disappoints our patients and ensure that each patient leaves the clinic with a bright smile.

So, choose your best dentist, your very own Sabka dentist in Aundh. To book an appointment please call us at 022 4880 6488

  1. Teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing:

    Teeth Cleaning in AundhOur dentist in Aundh offers teeth cleaning at a very minimal cost. Every patient should clean their teeth every six months. It removes plaque and tartar which surrounds the tooth surface and causes tooth decay. We also use ultrasonic scaler technology that helps to remove all bacteria from the tooth surface and saves the tooth from decaying.

  2. Cosmetic dentistry:
    • Teeth whitening:

      When people laugh out loud and suddenly they think of something and stop laughing. Have you ever thought what could be the reason behind it? Sometimes it may be because of stained or yellow teeth. We, at Sabka dentist in Aundh, can help you with discolored teeth by offering teeth whitening treatment at a very affordable price. This treatment lightens and brightens your teeth to allow you to laugh as loud as you can.

    • Dental veneers:

      Veneers are used (1) to close the gaps between the teeth, (2) to repair the chipped & broken teeth, (3) provide size, shape, and color, (4) make uneven teeth even. Veneers are a thin layer bonded to the existing tooth surface to improve the appearance of the teeth. We, at Sabka dentist in Aundh, provide two types of veneer; porcelain and resin-composite.

  3. Prosthodontics:
    • Dental implant:

      Dental Implants in AundhFor replacing the missing teeth and filling the gap, an implant is one of the best solutions. This treatment takes time but will give relief for a lifetime. The procedure for implanting takes 3 stages. In the first stage, the implant screw will be inserted into the jawbone and left for the healing process for 3 to 6 months. In the second stage, an abutment will be fitted over an implant screw that connects the implant and crown. In the final stage, the crown will be seated on the top of an abutment to deliver an exact look like natural teeth.

    • Dental crown:

      This treatment involves the replacement of missing teeth. Crowns are used to fill the missing gap when the patients have tooth injury or may have had root canal treatment or have extracted their teeth for some dental reasons. The size, shape, and functions of the crown are similar to natural teeth.

    • Dental bridges:

      It is required to replace two or more missing teeth with the support of adjacent teeth. A healthy and strong adjacent teeth requires to replace the missing teeth with bridges.

  4. Endodontic (Root canal treatment):

    This treatment is taken under local anesthesia. The first step of root canal treatment is to clean the root canal that is infected by a diseased pulp inside. So the dentist makes small access opening on the tooth surface to remove the dead pulp. The next step is to fill an inert gutta-percha solution to its replacement. After filling, the root canal will be sealed by adhesive cement. The root canal treatment is a bit painful but with an advanced dental system, the patients will receive a relief treatment. We, at Sabka dentist in Aundh, have the best endodontist to provide the best Root canal treatment.

  5. Orthodontic (Braces):

    This treatment straightens the misaligned teeth. When the upper and lower jaw doesn’t fit neatly, it will increase the risk of many dental issues. Sometimes it can put a strain on the jaw muscles and lead to cause headache issues. By applying braces and plates, patients can correct their teeth and jaw alignment. Our dental clinic in Aundh offers a variety of braces and plates like 3M metal braces, plastic braces, and ceramic, etc.

To visit the dental clinic sounds quite like a daunting task. Many people think that getting dental treatment is painful. To break this myth and to let people know more about dental treatment, We, at Sabka dentist are on a mission to provide free dental check-ups to every individual and provide treatment in a relaxed and calm surrounding.

We, at Sabka dentist in Aundh Pune, suggest that every individual visit the clinic and experience the dentistry differently. Our dental clinic in Aundh has the best infrastructure and advanced technology to serve patients a peaceful treatment.

With convenient hours, we, at Sabka dentist in Aundh welcome you to experience world-class dentistry.

Sabka dentist is one of the largest chains of oral healthcare clinics in India. Since its inception in 2010. We, at Sabka dentist have treated more than 1 million patients in India and it is increasing each day. We have more than 100 clinics in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, and Bangalore with more than 550 experts on board. All our dentists are highly qualified and experienced from the best Institutes and Hospitals.

Sabka Dentist, a dental clinic in Aundh Pune believes in maintaining the oral and overall health of the people of the society. To achieve this, we provide Free dental Checkups and X-rays and also an effective cost preventive oral care like teeth cleaning & scaling.

We always try to keep track of our patients to make sure that they visit clinics for preventive checkups every six months. So that the dentist can evaluate the oral diseases of patients and take early precautions.

In case you are particular about your dental hygiene, you should choose the best when it involves oral checkups and treatments. Sabka Dentist is frequently ranked among the best dental clinics in Aundh, Pune. At Sabka Dentist, patients not only receive world-class treatment for their dental concerns but in addition get to enjoy among the best in-clinic patient experiences across India. Regardless of the background or career of an individual, we make sure that all of our patients feel comfortable and face no problems when approaching or getting their oral health issues across our dental specialists. We are one of the top dental clinic chains in Aundh, Pune, and have a legacy that is unmatched by any other dental clinic in Aundh, Pune, India. Our dentists are some of the best dentists in Aundh, Pune.

Sabka Dentist very often makes it to the list of best dental hospitals in Aundh, Pune, owing to our great team of dental experts and surgeons, and state-of-the-art facilities within our dental clinics. Sabka Dentist was started way back in October 2010, with a single medical clinic in Vile Parle. Currently, we have grown to around more than 100 clinics in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, Bangalore, Navi Mumbai, Thane. Our team constantly strives to encourage better dental health and help people today to feel and look good and proudly carry their smiles. No wonder, resulting from our team’s determination and vision to help spread smiles across the world, we have consistently managed to get to the list of top dental hospitals in Aundh, Pune.

Therefore, the next time you plan to visit a ‘teeth hospital in Aundh, Pune, we should be at the top of your list of dental hospitals in Aundh, Pune. Consider us your own ‘Apna Dentist’; our dentists are some of the best dentists in Aundh, Pune, and we can help you with your oral concerns so that you can carry on and spread joy and happiness across with your delightful smile.

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