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As the largest and most accessible dental chain in India, Sabka dentist is committed to providing high quality treatments and services at affordable prices.

In order to assure our high standards of quality, Sabka dentist hires the best talent and provides comprehensive training and ongoing dental education. All new clinic employees, including dentists, assistants and receptionists, go through a robust training process covering all key dental topics.

Our team is continuously informed about the latest dental innovations and technologies through monthly training sessions. Additionally, Sabka dentist has partnered with industry leaders such as Nobel Biocare and 3M for advanced training courses.

Sabka dentist believes this investment in our dental clinic team is essential in order to ensure consistency in the high quality service across our network of clinics. As the only dental clinic chain to offer such intensive training, this is a unique opportunity for development and education.

Induction Program

New Hire Dental Training:

All new dentists are required to complete a 4-day training module covering topics such as those outlined below. At the end of the module, dentists must pass the course exam in order to begin full-time practice.

New Hire Training Module Topics

  • Welcome From CEO
  • Overview of Organizational Structure & Internal Processes
  • Insta Health Software Training
  • Communication & Interpersonal Training
  • Composite Restorations
  • Crown & Bridge Dentistry
  • Rotary Endodontics
  • Overview of Implant Dentistrym
  • Braces & Orthodontics
  • Medical Emergencies
  • +More

Ongoing Training & Education

Monthly Training Courses:

In addition to new hire training, Sabka dentist provides ongoing dental education and development courses covering a variety of topics on a monthly basis. Below is an overview of some of the courses offered.

Basic Life Support (CPR) Course: In association with Life Supporters Institute of Health Sciences, we organize a full one-day program on Basic Life Support (BLS) for all dentists working in our organisation.

Restorative Dentistry Course (3M)

  • Anterior multiple teeth restoration
  • Diastema closure
  • Direct vs. indirect veneers
  • Posterior restoration with focus on adjacent teeth restoration.


  • Rx planning and rationale for various crowns
  • Preparation of different types of crowns
  • Various impression techniques and troubleshooting
  • Rationale for cement choices
  • Temporization: Multiple teeth and full mouth scenario
  • Lab communication
  • Occlusion concerns in crown bridge

Basic Endodontics (Rotary)

  • Introduction: Predictable Endodontics!
  • Diagnostic aids: Radiographs, Thermal test, Apex locator
  • Diagnosis of pulpally involved teeth – Clinical approach – Reversible pulpitis
  • Access Preparation – Straight-line access – long axis alignment
  • Coronal flare – Radicular access
  • Key to successful cleaning and shaping
  • Cleaning & Shaping – Benefits of Ca(OH)2, NaOCl, EDTA and Tapered preparations
  • Combination of crown down technique & step back technique (double flare technique)
  • Video Demonstration: Basic endodontic technique
  • Video Demonstration on Obturation – easy and economical technique (linear tug back)
  • Hands-on on ProTaper – Rotary – two teeth for each technique
  • Interactive session

Advanced Training & Education

For Senior Dentists Sabka dentist has partnered with industry leaders Nobel Biocare and 3M to offer advanced dental educational opportunities. These courses are conducted in small groups, allowing for interactive learning, intensive hands-on training and ongoing mentorship.

Introductory Implant Course For Resident Dentists (Nobel Biocare):

In association with Nobel Biocare, the Sabka dentist training team conducts implant fellowship programs for implant placement and complete prosthetic phase guidance on patients.

Training Program Highlights:

  • Intensive and interactive learning, focused group discussions and case presentations
  • Opportunity to place implants on patients
  • Ongoing mentoring by the AIAD Faculty

Training Program Objectives:
Upon successful completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Incorporate Implantology in practice
  • Develop a dental implant treatment plan
  • Select and place optimal implant type of surgical site
  • Manage complications

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Advanced Implantologist Course (Nobel Biocare )

The Advanced Implantologist course is designed to help the specialist and/or general practitioner to realize current concepts, techniques, and technologies in implant dentistry that allow predictable immediate placement and loading of dental implants. The presentation will outline patient selection, treatment planning, and decision making in the execution of immediately placed and loaded implants for consistent functioning and esthetic results.

This course is intended for clinicians experienced in restoring dental implants who want to extend their set of skills to immediate implant protocols.

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3-Day Full Mouth Rehabilitation Program (3M)

In association with 3M, the Sabka dentist training team conducts a 3-day comprehensive workshop covering all aspects of full mouth rehabilitation.

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