How long do teeth veneers last

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Modern dentistry has brought several useful solutions to address a wide range of aesthetic problems. When you ask the best orthodontist in Pune about the solution for stained, chipped, or damaged teeth, you will be provided with teeth veneers. They can greatly improve the appearance of your smile and bring back your confidence and self-esteem.

What are dental veneers?



Dental veneers are very thin shells. They are applied directly onto the teeth. They mask the imperfections and give you a great smile.


Sometimes, people prefer to get veneers for only damaged or discoloured teeth. Sometimes, people prefer veneers for front teeth that are visible.


Whether you choose a complete set of veneers or choose only one or two veneers, there is a dramatic change in the appearance.

Types of veneers and their life expectancy

Several types of veneers are used by the best dentist in pune. The selection is done based on the preference and choice of the user.


The common veneers are porcelain veneers, composite veneers, and instant veneers.

Let’s understand various types of veneers and their life.

Porcelain Veneers



Porcelain veneers are considered the best in terms of longevity. They last the longest. Also, they are the most realistic. They are made with very thin layers of porcelain, just like thin layers of enamel in the natural teeth. Therefore, the teeth look like natural teeth. Porcelain veneers are created custom for each patient.


The best orthodontist in Pune would make appropriate veneers after knowing your requirements.

The expected life of porcelain veneers is 10 years on average. However, it is seen that with good maintenance and care, these veneers last up to 20 years also.

Composite Veneers

These veneers are relatively less costly than porcelain veneers. They are made with resin. These veneers are not as realistic as porcelain veneers. They are also created custom for the patient.


As far as their durability is concerned, they last an average of 3 years. They stain over some time. The material requires higher maintenance and is usually less durable than other types of veneers.

Instant Veneers

They are also called No-prep veneers. It is because these veneers can be applied instantly, and they do not need much preparation. You can find many brands of instant veneers in the market. Some of them claim to last as long as ceramic veneers.


The majority of the instant veneers last around 5 to 10 years. Some instant veneers last 20 years also if one takes proper care of them. When you get instant veneers from the best dentist in pune, you should ask about the care and maintenance.


One can extend the life of veneers by following good oral hygiene. Avoid grinding the teeth as it shortens the life of veneers. If you have a habit of grinding teeth during sleep, then protectors should be worn.


Since teeth veneers improve the appearance of the teeth, it is important to take good care of them. The better you treat them, the more they will last.

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