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There are many people suffering from the oral problem of Bruxism (teeth grinding). The problem like teeth grinding is responsible for the wear in the teeth that is problematic. It gradually damages the teeth over a certain period. Individuals experience Bruxism during sleep.


Many individuals are unaware of the teeth grinding problem. The teeth grinding problem shows several symptoms like stress, depression, headache, pain in the jaws, etc. It is important to treat the teeth grinding problem soon to avoid damage to the teeth. An untreated Bruxism problem can even cause more pain in the jaws.

What are the causes of Bruxism?

Several causes are responsible for the Bruxism problem in the person.

Here are some of the causes of Bruxism in the individual:

1. Stress stress-management

Busy life of the person makes them feel a lot of stress for the individual. Stress is found to be one of the important reasons behind the Bruxism problem in the individual.

2. Genetics

Some people experience teeth grinding even due to genetics. Either of the parents here has the Bruxism problem that is observed in the person. 

3. Psychological

Many Bruxism problems are found to be psychological. It is observed when the sudden surprise happens, extreme level of anger, problem dealing with the anxiety, etc. 

4. Intake of stimulating food or drink

An over intake of stimulating food or drink like coffee, alcohol, etc. can trigger the dental problems. It can cause teeth grinding problems in the individual.


These are some of the common causes of Bruxism observed among many people. Teeth grinding causes a number of complications in the individual.

What are some complications caused due to Bruxism?

  • A person suffering from Bruxism can suffer from an eating disorder problem.
  • Depression is also observed as the result of Bruxism.
  • Problem while eating spicy is observed.
  • Sleeping disorder is observed due to Bruxism.
  • Bruxism may lead to damaged teeth or jaw disorder.

It is important to have a necessary treatment for the Bruxism problem soon. Otherwise, it can be more difficult to treat it later.

Is there a permanent solution for Bruxism?

In many cases, a permanent solution is possible for the problem of Bruxism. The person has to be consistent during the treatment of the teeth grinding to get proper results.

What are the treatment options for the problem of Bruxism? five-ways-to-treat-bruxism

Generally, dental experts have two major ways of treatment for Bruxism.

Here are some of the treatment options for Bruxism:

1. Correction of the teeth surface

In cases, where the teeth wearing due to bruxism is more, the dentist will reshape the teeth surface. It will prevent teeth from getting further damage.

2. Mouthguards

Mouthguards are used for keeping the teeth separated. It can avoid further damage to the teeth during the grinding process. This treatment also helps to minimize the teeth grinding to some extent.

How to cure Bruxism or teeth grinding naturally?

Although the above methods focus more on avoiding the damage due to Bruxism, they cannot achieve minimizing it. Here, they need to be cured in some natural ways.

Here, are some natural ways to treat Bruxism:

1. Changing the chewing pattern

You can start changing the chewing pattern that can help to avoid Bruxism. Here, a proper consultation of the dental expert is important. They will guide you in slowly changing the patterns of chewing to achieve treatment of Bruxism.

2. Reduction in the stress

As stress is one of the common reasons behind Bruxism, you can take steps to reduce the stress. You can do some of the exercises like relaxation, meditation, etc. Taking the treatment from the counsellor can work out better for stress reduction.

3. Minimizing stimulating substance

As some of the stimulating substances like coffee, alcohol, etc. contribute to the Bruxism problem, efforts must be taken to reduce them. It will also calm the body muscles that can be helpful in reducing Bruxism.

4. Good sleeping habits practice

A good, relaxed nice sleep can be helpful in reducing the teeth grinding problem. Here, your body will be much more relaxed that can help to avoid the Bruxism problem to much extent.


These are some of the daily routine habits that can help for the reduction of Bruxism. Whenever you observe any such teeth grinding problem, it is important to visit the dentist soon.


In some cases, teeth grinding is also observed among the children. Here, the baby teeth get more damage as it is less sturdy. The dentist can guide you properly for children to treat the Bruxism problem.


Various examples show that Bruxism is treatable with correct treatment methods. Here, the treatment is generally slower, so the person must have patience during the treatment process. Many patients suffering from Bruxism have got rid of it properly. A proper follow of the treatment guidelines provided by the dental experts can help to achieve faster results.

Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "An oral problem like Bruxism must be considered seriously. Dental experts suggest some dental treatment as well as natural ways for getting a solution. Reduction in stress, stimulating consumption reduction, proper sleep, etc. is important here. A consistent follow of guidelines is important to get results."

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