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Dental crowns are used to save the tooth from removal or falling that might occur due to a cavity on the tooth. Here, the cavity and the pulp area of the tooth are cleaned properly which is followed by putting proper size dental crowns. The dental crowns resemble a real tooth and help to serve their purpose. At any branch of Sabka dentist, you can find the dental crown treatment at a very affordable cost.

Dental Crown in ahmedabad
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Dental fillings are also commonly used to replace missing teeth but howsoever they are not reliable enough to be permanent and last for a long time. Similarly, dental bridges and implants lack support which is where dental crowns are introduced.


They are used to withhold cracked teeth, dental implants and dental bridges. Tarnished teeth can also be hidden with the help of a crown.


Because of the speed of our lifestyle, and our time-bound restrictions, Sabka Dentist in Ahmedabad keeps its dental crowns ready beforehand. Such readymade crowns are made of stainless steel or plastic. This is so that the filling or dental implant or bridge or discolored teeth can have a temporary layer of protection until the permanent dental crown arrives.


Dental crowns can be categorised into different categories, owing to the material they constitute of, their life span and their price. The three main categories are metal dental crowns, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) dental crowns and finally, all-ceramic dental crowns.


Metals are thus divided into more sub-categories like palladium or a base metal alloy like nickel or chromium. For the teeth that are not visible directly, that is, at the back of your mouth, the PFM or all-metal dental crowns are the best choice. They are cheaper, in addition to being stronger than the other types.


However, it is the PFM dental crowns and all-ceramic crowns that one usually opts for because of its uncanny resemblance to our natural teeth. Either way, the PFM is the most suited and selected dental crown because of its appearance being exactly like that of a natural tooth, and also because of its affordability.


The shelf life of a dental crown is influenced and affected by various factors such as an individual’s eating habits, the material of the crown, the maintenance of it. The average time period that a dental crown lasts for approximately seven years. It can go up to a high figure of 40 years, provided it is being taken care of very cautiously.


What is the dental crown placement procedure?

One of the most common and major reasons for fitting a dental crown is the endodontic treatment. Endodontic treatment, also known as a root canal procedure, is one in which the nerves of the tissue become dead and rotten, because of the bacteria reaching them, through the pulp of the tooth.


The infected area is rigorously cleansed, post which an endodontist will fill it with a rubber like filling known as Gutta Percha. A filling is placed to cover the hollow gap, and provide a perfect seating, a strong base to the dental crown. Post the filling, the dental crown is then very accurately placed, to appear and function like a normal tooth.

Dental Crowns Treatment in Ahmedabad

In a simple dental crown placement procedure, the dentist takes an impression of the tooth to get an accurate shape and size, so as to produce the permanent dental crown. However, the tooth if cracked or chipped, is filed to bring it to an even level.


In the case of an all-metal crown, the tooth need not be filed a lot, since their thinness can be altered as and when, in comparison to PFM or all-ceramic dental crowns. A dental crown is prepared in two different ways.


It either takes two or more sessions or visits to the dental clinic, since the dentist has to still take the impression and then pass it over to the laboratory, where the dental crown is created to perfection. While some dental clinics are equipped with modern age machinery, wherein the dental crown is produced there and then, that is, is one session itself.


The traditional approach towards creating a dental crown, first involves your dentist using a thread or cord to space out the tooth from the gums. A rubber like material is then poured to create an impression, and it takes approximately five minutes to set.


The main aim here involves the dentist getting an accurate impression, that matches and sets just about right into your biting function. The impression created is then sent to the laboratory, the place where the dental crown is produced.


Of course, the tooth is not left just like that, instead it is covered with a temporary dental crown, which is already available at the clinic. They can also be made in advance in the laboratory, just before your visit.


Temporary crowns, as their name suggests, do not last for long. They can last for a period of one year, and if need be a little more longer. For a more lasting temporary crown, a lab-made plastic dental crown is the best option, as it tougher in comparison to the temporary crown created by the dentist.


To serve as a base or foundation, the temporary crown is held together by fixing temporary cement. It is tailored to be weak, to make it easy and simple for the dentist to remove the temporary crown, and then place the permanent one.


The second session at the dental clinic includes the removal of temporary crown, so as to place the permanent crown. To make the resemblance close to perfect, they are polished and glazed well before fitting. Post all the alterations, the permanent dental crown is finally cemented on the tooth.


What care should be taken post dental crown placement?

Signs of soreness and even slight pain, will indicate the poor positioning and placement of the dental crown. And especially, if your nerves still feel numb owing to the fact that you did not go for a root canal procedure, there are going to a series of toothaches to go through.


Apart from these reasons, signs of discomfort can be accredited to the high positioning of a dental crown. This discomfort, if extended to a long period of time, can be eliminated by visiting the dentist in order to reposition your teeth.


A PFM crown, because having a metal inside, starts showing a thin and dark line along the gum, which is nothing to be worried about, as it is only the metal that is starting to become prominent. As long is it not disturbing your gums, or the appearance of your teeth, you need not bother about it.


However, if this is the case with the front teeth, then it has to be replace with an all-porcelain dental crown, so there is no metal to come out and disturb the appearance of the perfect set of teeth.


Suggestions are given by the dentists, and should be followed with extreme sincerity. A fluoride gel is allotted incase you are increasingly prone to developing cavities. Brushing and flossing twice a day will only improve and maintain your oral health. Decomposition and entry of bacteria are two major reasons for most of the oral hygiene issues.


A poorly fitted crown may result in the cement starting to fall apart. This usually isn’t a reason to panic, as the crown will not fall off or loosen up immediately. But what is a possibility, is that the bacteria may seep in through the loose ends, causing to stir up an infection inside, thereby causing the tooth to get completely rotten.


A misfit dental crown must immediately be shown to your dentist, and get it positioned properly. A tip to understand a poorly fitted smell is the odor that it spreads around the area.


A dentist will always tell you to not take matters into your own hands. Even if a dental crown loosens up and falls off, do not try to place it on your own. Take it to your dentist, packed well in a zip lock bag so that he or she can see what can be done.


You can also clean it if there is any cement material left inside, using a toothpick or a damp cotton swab. The next best step is to visit a dental clinic and get a temporary filling instead or a denture adhesive.


What is Dental crowns cost in Ahmedabad?

Dental crowns cost in Ahmedabad depends upon which variety of crowns you are looking for. Check the Price list of Dental Treatments of Sabka Dentist.


Tell Me More About Getting A Dental Crown At Sabka Dentist Ahmedabad

Concerned about your dental crown treatment? Then it would possibly be the ideal option to choose a dental clinic that can offer you the best treatment options when it comes to getting your dental crown treated. And if you are searching for a well-known clinic to carry out your dental crown treatment in Ahmedabad, Sabka Dentist should really be your top choice.


Sabka Dentist has consistently held its place among the best dental clinics for dental crown treatment in Ahmedabad, and overall India as well. It is because Sabka Dentist believes in providing very affordable as well as world class treatment services to everyone when it comes to dental care.


The dentists and medical team present at Sabka Dentist ensure that the patient feels comfortable and experiences no trouble at all while having a dental crown procedure. Sabka Dentist’s clinics have got among the best hand-picked dentists that are specialists at providing dental crown treatment as well as other dental treatments.


To perform a dental crown treatment, the dentists first evaluate the condition of the teeth and then determine which kind of dental crown would be perfect for their patient. Furthermore they make sure that their patients are comfortable with the tooth cap cost in Ahmedabad.


It is because in most cases, permanent crowns are used which are made up of stainless steel, other metal alloys, porcelain, ceramic or resin. The process for a dental crown treatment will involve placing a dental cap over a damaged or injured tooth in order to improve its visual appearance.


The dentist usually attaches the crown to the tooth surface to cover up the tooth portion that is actually above the gum line.

Sabka Dentist always picks dentists based upon their working experience, expertise and educational qualification in order to ensure that they are invested in offering customized treatment to each patient.


It is obvious that dentists from Sabka dentist are some of the best dentists in Ahmedabad. We offer the best dental crown treatments plan at the most pocket-friendly range of teeth cap price in Ahmedabad. This is possible because of Sabka Dentist’s motto of providing affordable dental care at world class quality.


Not to mention, in addition to our very affordable tooth crown cost in Ahmedabad, we make it absolutely certain that our patients feel at ease when visiting our clinics. Undoubtedly, Sabka Dentist has been rated as among the top clinics for dental crown treatment in Ahmedabad. Sabka Dentist was founded.


Frequently Asked Question

How long does a tooth cap last

Crowns are made of porcelain which makes them very durable. If taken good care of your dental health, it can last longer than 10 years.


Can I Brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush after getting a dental cap?

The dentist does not recommend using an electric toothbrush after getting a dental cap, which can loosen the cap.

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