Dental Implant Clinics in Ahmedabad

Missing teeth degrades your smile and creates difficulty while chewing the food. Dental implant treatment puts the artificial tooth with an anchor inserted in the jawbone. In Ahmedabad, you can find a better dentist at Sabka dentist for dental implant treatment. It can give a better artificial tooth that can improve your smile.

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What are Dental Implants or Tooth Implants?

Have you ever thought of the reasons behind the loss of your tooth? One is easy – cavities. Others include oral health issues such as periodontal disease or gum disease, decay of the tooth, cracked or chipped teeth, weakening of the teeth because of old age or just the simple reason for poor maintenance of teeth.


These cause the teeth to loosen and hang from its socket, causing it to, one fine day, fall off from the respective gum. Well, those were the reasons. Now let us talk about the solutions.

Dental Implant Clinics in Ahmedabad

Yes, dental crowns for starters work as a solution. Considering even permanent fillings, dental bridges, and veneers. But have you ever thought, what could be, one of the most effective ways to replace a lost tooth? Well, dental implants are the answer to that mysterious question.


A dental implant is nothing but an anchor, that is merged into the jaw bone, to hold the artificial teeth firmly. In the aspects of durability and longevity, it is your best shot at the replacement of missing teeth.


Besides acting like a natural tooth, dental implants also perform the functions of a natural tooth while also providing good support to dental crowns and bridges. Specialized dental experts assigned to this field of dentistry are known as implantologists.


Implantologists restore the aesthetics of a natural tooth, by planting or placing the dental implant in such a way, that it looks as good as the original one. This also helps in uplifting one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Sabka Dentist has the top implantologists who help in reassuring one’s faith in themselves.


What is the Dental implant procedure?

The vacant spaces left by missing teeth can be filled using other methods. Usually, dental bridges are suggested by the dentists as a solution as it is a traditional method. Dental bridges are a union of two dental crowns or denture, which acts a prosthetic which replaces the missing teeth.


What are the steps involved in the dental implant procedure?

Two of the main aspects, that is to be given paramount significance are the dental implant to be utilized and the anatomy of the jaw or the bone. Titanium is usually chosen for the dental implant as it is a highly corrosive metal that is to be fused into the jawbone.


The first phase involves the surgery in which the dental implant is hinged upon the jawbone. The second phase involves retrieval of the implant or osseointegration, that is when the bone starts to develop around the dental implant so as to anchor it into the jaw.


The third phase involves the placement of a dental crown over the dental implant to give it the appearance and functionality of a natural tooth.


STEP 1: Dental implant placement

The first step involves a minor surgery wherein the implant is placed with precision and drilled or fused into the jawbone. However small it is, still being a surgery, it involves the administration of local anesthesia into the area where the dental implant is to be inserted.


The gum flaps are widened and opened using a dental instrument called a scalpel. The screw threads are then inserted to match the threading of the implant.


The gums are then stitched and sowed back into their original position. This enables the dental implant to heal and recover slowly, at its own pace and nicely. The implant slowly, with time is pushed below the jawline.


STEP 2: Healing of the dental implant/osseointegration

Once the implant is completely and fully fused into the jawbone is when the second step begins. This is usually also known as the waiting phase because the implantologists wait and check how quick and how much the growth of the bone is and the stability of the dental implant for about 3 months.


Once the implant is completely fused into the jawbone, this makes way for the third step which is the placement of the dental crown.


STEP 3: Seat of the dental crown

A base is required for anything to start with. A seat is the abutment or the foundation on which the dental implant is placed. The dental crown is cemented against the abutment or seat that has been prepared by the dentist. Again the gums are cut open, to allow the dentist to get a hold of the dental implant, which is beneath the gums.


The abutment is then screwed onto the dental implant. The metal seat or abutment then starts making its way through and starts protruding out of the gums and is clearly visible.


STEP 4: Impression of the dental crown

Taking an impression of the tooth during a dental implant procedure is not as easy as it seems. The impression of the abutment, surrounding gums and adjacent teeth, are all to be taken into consideration to produce the perfect dental crowns.


Dental crowns can be of various types such as all-metal, all-ceramic, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) and zirconia crowns, which are categorized according to the materials they are made of and their price.


This impression for the dental crown is taken after one or two weeks of the setting of the abutment gel. The impression is sent to the dental laboratory until which a temporary dental crown is placed to prevent the entry of any further bacteria.


STEP 5: Placement of the dental crown

The dental laboratory sends the final outcome of the impression that was sent to it, that is, the final product of the dental crown to be placed. It is checked if the dental crown fits perfectly, and only then is it cemented onto the dental abutment.


However, in the case of a misfit, the dental crown is then returned to the dental laboratory, where the necessary changes are made. This usually does not happen, and hence it is finally fitted on to the seat or abutment.


After the final fitting of the dental crown, the dental implant procedure is complete, giving it the proper appearance of a natural tooth.


What factors can affect the Dental Implant Cost in Ahmedabad?

In case you are interested in learning more about the best dental implant cost in Ahmedabad, please read on. There are various aspects that affect the cost of dental implants, a few of which are listed here.

  • Number of teeth replacements – Normally, replacing more teeth would cost you more. It’s always a good idea to check out the charges in your location, in case you have a number of teeth to get replaced. Pick a dentistry hospital which is based out of a city in which the regular cost would be around the lower side. For example, teeth replacement or best dental implant cost in Ahmedabad would vary from the actual cost of dental implants in some other city.
  • Location of the tooth – The position of the tooth to be replaced, the structure of your mouth, and also the actual position of the teeth to be replaced; all impact the cost of tooth implants.
  • Bone strength and density – A very good bone strength and density are necessary for a successful tooth implant. If you have a low bone density, initial bone grafts have to be carried out, which will raise the overall price of having a dental implant.
  • Location of the clinic – The location of the dentistry hospital will likely affect the price of a tooth implant. For example, the tooth implant cost in Ahmedabad will differ from the tooth implant cost in some other location.

These are basic factors affecting the price of getting dental implants. We hope that now you have a more clear understanding of the cost of tooth implants in Ahmedabad, as well as the aspects impacting this.


Tell Me More About Getting A Dental Implant At Sabka Dentist, Ahmedabad

If you are one of those individuals who are particular about your tooth health treatment, you must choose the best when it pertains to tooth care checkups and treatments. Sabka Dentist is consistently graded among the best option for dental implants in Ahmedabad.


At Sabka Dentist, people not just obtain top class treatment for their tooth troubles, but additionally get to enjoy the benefits of full mouth dental implants cost in Ahmedabad.


No matter the background or career of an individual, we guarantee that all of our individuals experience at ease and face absolutely no concerns when it comes to teeth setting cost in Ahmedabad.


We are amongst the top tooth clinic chains in Ahmedabad and have a legacy that is unparalleled by any other oral clinic in Ahmedabad, India. So, the next time you plan on visiting for oral implants, we should be at the top of your list of best dental implants in Ahmedabad.


Consider us your own ‘Apna Dentist’, and we can help you with your dentistry problems so that you can carry on and spread joy and happiness across with your wonderful smile. The single-tooth implant cost in Ahmedabad can vary depending on the region and who is performing the procedure.


Factors that affect teeth replacement cost in Ahmedabad are: Number of Replacements Location of the Tooth Bone Density The Need for Extractions Overall Oral Health But at Sabka Dentist we make sure that you don’t sense the pressure of tooth implant cost in Ahmedabad.


That’s why Sabka Dentist offers the best teeth replacement cost in Ahmedabad, which you can afford in first thought. Contact us today to discuss your smile or with questions regarding dental implants cost in Ahmedabad.

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what is the cost of a dental implant

the price of a dental implant varies on many factors like the Number of teeth replacements, Location of the tooth, and bone strength and density.


What should I restrict after dental implants?

You should restrict eating hard, crunchy, spicy, or sticky foods in the first few weeks after the placement of their dental implants. You can begin eating these foods once the dentist clears you to return to a regular diet.

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