Root Canal Treatment In Navi Mumbai

A root canal treatment is necessary when the tooth gets infected or decayed. Proper removal of the pulp from the tooth is done and then sealed with dental fillings. After completion of root canal treatment, an appropriate crown is put on the tooth. Sabka dentist offers a standard root canal treatment in Navi Mumbai by handling each of its cases carefully.

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  • Endodontists, who are experienced specialized dentists who practice Root Canal treatment.
  • Treatment being performed using advanced dental instruments under total isolation of the tooth.

What is Root Canal Treatment? Why is Root Canal Treatment required?

In simpler words, Root Canal treatment in Navi Mumbai is the process of saving the tooth from the infection and eliminating toothache by removing infected soft tissue within the affected tooth and replacing the tooth with an artificial inert “filling” material. In Root Canal Treatment (RCT) in Navi Mumbai, the dentist of Sabka dentist opens us the tooth so that the dentist can access the Root Canal or the which houses the infected nerve and then cleans or removes the nerve so that the tooth becomes non-vital or without the nerve.

It is very important to ensure that the cleaning of the root canal is done with a lot of alertness since even a small amount of infected material left behind may cause the infection to reoccur. After completing the cleaning process of the root canal, the root canal is then filled with a rubber-based material called Gutta Percha. Gutta Percha is a biocompatible material that is used for filling. After the filling of the tooth is done, the tooth has to be crowned or capped.

Root Canal Procedure in Navi Mumbai

Root canal treatment in Navi Mumbai is a dental process where the infected nerve is eliminated, cleaned, and loaded up with a rubber type material called gutta Percha. It takes lots of effort for the dentist of Navi Mumbai to carry up this treatment accurately. The success after this treatment makes the dentist and the patient satisfied as the canals are cleaned and filled with proper material.

When would you need Root Canal?

Root Canal Treatment in Navi Mumbai

  • Toothache, especially at night.
  • Deep cavities.
  • Broken tooth.
  • Trauma
  • Secondary caries approaching or reaching pulp.

Is Root canal treatment in Navi Mumbai painful after?

Root Canal Treatment is a painless procedure since it is performed once local anaesthesia is administered.

What is the cost of the Root Canal?

Root canal treatment cost in Navi Mumbai varies depending on location of tooth and severity of infection. Root canal treatment cost in Navi Mumbai Sabka Dentist has a range of Rs. 4,100/- to Rs.10,000/- depending on the condition of the infection and the location of the tooth. Root canal treatment cost also includes crown and cap prices as it has to be covered. Crowns and caps also have different types that vary in prices. Depending on the type of crown or cap that is selected by the patients and the dentist performing the root canal treatment, the root canal treatment cost in Navi Mumbai would be changing. A simple metal crown can cost anything between Rs.1000/- to Rs.5,000 depending on the clinic and the dentist. A PFM crown would cost between Rs.3,000/- to Rs. 7,500/- and a Zirconia Crown costs between Rs.10,000/- to Rs. 20,500/-

Factors influencing the root canal cost in Navi Mumbai

To get the right root canal cost in Navi Mumbai, various aspects have to be taken into consideration. Even so, It is tough to estimate any price without some fundamental parameters. Sabka Dentist has got enlisted a few of the prevalent aspects which can help to determine the ideal Root Canal Treatment cost. The root canal treatment involves a specific process that determines the value of your treatment.

These are listed below:
Selection of your Dental Surgeon (Novice/Specialist)

The main aspect of the root canal cost highly relies on selecting the right dental surgeon for the root canal treatment. If you are approaching a surgeon who has practiced dentistry only for a year, the costs will probably be significantly less. However, in case you are visiting a medical specialist who is serving as a dental surgeon with a significant amount of experience (let’s say much more than a decade), he or she will cost you more for the root canal treatment. Price often depends on the experience and skill of the surgeon.

X-Rays and Consultation Costs
Consultation charges also can vary according to the doctor’s working experience, expertise and the location where his medical clinic is actually situated. The root canal cap cost in Navi Mumbai could be different in comparison to the cities like Mumbai / Delhi. The cost of the X-rays can also add up to the total cost of root canal treatment.

Anesthesia and some other needed medications

Anesthesia numbs the region of treatment, as well as this cost associated with it often will depend on how many times the anesthesia is actually administered for the treatment.

Root Canal location (Front or Back)

The root canal done on the tooth in the front portion of the mouth (front teeth) will charge you less since it consists of one or two roots, whereas it will charge you much more if it’s done on the tooth in the back of the mouth (bicuspid and molar) because it contains much more roots/canals.

Level of damage

This is also a prime factor which decides the root canal treatment cost. If the harm is less, the price for the root canal treatment would also be less.

Why is a Crown or Cap required after Root Canal Treatment?

In root canal treatment, a large part of the tooth structure is removed and cut. Therefore, it is necessary to cover it with a dental crown or a cap. The endodontist prepares the tooth after the completion of root canal treatment, to fix the crown or the cap.

What are the different types of Crowns of Caps that are available after the Root Canal Treatment?

The patient who is visiting sabka dentists in Navi Mumbai has many variants of crown and caps to choose after the root canal treatment. Different types of crowns and caps differ in materials. Porcelain fused metal crowns(PFM) is the most commonly used crown as the price of this crown is cheap as compared to other alternatives. It looks similar to the natural tooth due to the coating of white color on metal structure teeth. The second type of crown is Zirconia crowns. It is considered to be the best-suited crowns as it has the best combination of aesthetics as well as strength, a perfect replacement for the natural tooth. Once, after the root canal treatment is done zirconia cap is the perfect cap fixture and solution for a patient.

Who is the best dentist for Root Canal Treatment in Navi Mumbai?

Root canal treatment is a very basic yet important treatment. At sabka Dentist in Navi Mumbai, we have the best dental experts who practice root canal treatment. They are well- versed with the treatment and skilled such that they can provide the best results to the patients. Endodontist visits dental clinics only when there are patients for root canal treatment. In Navi Mumbai, there are many endodontists but Sabka dentist in Navi Mumbai has delegated one of the best endodontists in Navi Mumbai to render his services to the patients.

How much time does it take for Root Canal Treatment in Navi Mumbai?

It is assumed that sometimes root canal treatment in Navi Mumbai is performed over 2to 3 sessions and extending to 2 to 3 for the crowns or caps. It also depends upon the dentist and their experience in root canal treatment. Dental experts the Endodontist can do most of the root canal treatment in single sitting also, as they are highly experienced in performing this treatment. It not only gives and comfort to the patient but also reduces the fear related to the treatment.

Tell me More about Getting Root Canal at Sabka Dentist, Navi Mumbai

Sabka Dentist is one of the best dental clinics in India that specializes in carrying out various dental treatments, like root canal treatment. The clinic was initially established in October 2010 with just one clinic at Vile Parle. However right now Sabka Dentist has more than 100 clinics across various cities in India – namely Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, Bangalore, Navi Mumbai, and even Thane. Root canal treatment is among the most efficient treatment procedures which can minimize dental ache and save an extremely decayed tooth. In this process, the dentists eliminate affected nerves along with pulp of the tooth carefully and then simply seal it. If the problem remains untreated, then the tooth may get damaged to an extent that it may need extraction.

Sabka Dentist has got the qualified as well as experienced crew of dental surgeons who definitely are invested in offering the best services and spread smiles across India. This is probably the only cause that one could find Sabka Dentist on the top of the list of dental hospitals that provide root canal treatment.

How is Root Canal Treatment executed at Sabka Dentist?

The teeth root canal treatment is executed in three steps, and also almost all of the dentists follow this process in three different sessions. However due to the specialised root canal dentists, staff and also superior facilities available at Sabka Dentist, this RCT treatment procedure can be completed in just a single session. The dentist first administers local anesthesia to your treatment spot to lower root canal treatment pain and make the spot numb. Then a small hole is made on the surface of the tooth to remove the damaged nerves and dead pulp.

Next the root canal dentists at Sabka Dentist clean and reshape the particular decontaminated hollow area. This canal is lastly filled with a dental filling in order to seal off the root canal completely, thus finishing the root canal treatment. Just after this, your tooth is absolutely lifeless and has no sensation. At last, to safeguard this lifeless brittle tooth, a crown might be placed on the dead tooth to ensure that the patient can make use of the tooth just as before. The root canal treatment price widely differs from person to person depending upon the seriousness of the problem. But Sabka Dentist offers a few of the best root canal treatment costs in India. So, the next time if you are planning to have an RCT treatment, think about Sabka Dentist as the very first option to take care of your dental complications and keep smiling.

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