Why is a root canal a safer choice for tooth decay treatment?

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Every person wants to have better oral health that can help them to eat any food easily. However, toothaches are the commonly observed problems in many people due to tooth decay. Toothaches cause a lot of misery for the people making it difficult to eat the food. The tooth decay starts spreading on the teeth deep inside and causes infection in the pulp. There can be multiple reasons responsible for tooth decay. Also, there are some treatment options too available. However, root canal treatment is considered one of the better options for tooth decay. Tooth decay in the molar tooth is more commonly observed, so here molar root canal can be done.

How is a root canal done? root canal treatment

A root canal treatment involves the removal of the infected pulp cavity from the tooth. It decontaminates the tooth area from bacteria and protects it from further getting infected.

While starting this treatment, the dentist will give anesthesia to the tooth to minimize the pain while treating it. Drilling will then be started in the cavity region of the tooth till the pulp area of the tooth. The infected pulp is then removed and cleaned properly. A proper dental filling is made to replace it which helps to avoid any other bacteria development. A person will experience some tooth pain after root canal treatment. After completion of treatment, a suitable crown is then placed over it. The root canal and crown are to be done immediately to protect the teeth from any damage while eating.

Many dental experts suggest that root canal treatment is a better way to protect the teeth. They can help you in the long run to keep oral health better.

Why is root canal treatment better for tooth decay? tooth decay

A root canal treatment mainly helps to save the natural tooth properly. Apart from that, there are many reasons for root canal treatment being a better option for tooth decay.

Here, are some reasons for root canal treatment being a better option for tooth decay:

1. Food chewing efficiently

As the natural tooth remains in the position, the food chewing can be done properly. You might feel only a little difference while chewing the food, else things will be more comfortable while chewing food. Even eating some hard food item can never be a problem, making it easier to chew.

2. Restoring the sensation

Tooth decay also causes more sensation in the teeth while eating or drinking any hot, cold, or sweet object. This sensation is generally beyond the normal sensation that is experienced by many people. A root canal treatment can help to restore the normal sensation, as experienced prior to the tooth decay.

3. Protect excess strain on other teeth

When the pulp chamber of the tooth gets infected due to tooth decay, it also causes more strain on the other teeth. In some cases, wearing the tooth surface is also experienced. So, a root canal treatment can help to protect the teeth from excess strain.

4. Protecting tooth

One of the biggest benefits of the root canal is that you can avoid tooth removal. The tooth can be protected easily which helps tremendously in keeping intact the natural alignment of the teeth.

5. Natural Appearance

As root canal treatment maintains the natural position of the tooth, it is easier to give it a more natural look. You get crowns with colors similar to the tooth that cannot be easily detected by a third person. So, it makes the tooth appear very natural without the feeling of any treatment done on it.

How long does it take for root canal recovery?

After completion of the root canal treatment, it does not take much duration for the recovery. Once you finish with the treatment, it is recommended to take a rest for only a single day. You can then start your daily work schedule. However, you are not recovered yet. At least for the next three week, you have to be careful in some specific tasks. Firstly, you must be cautious while eating the food during these days. Avoid eating any hard food that can hurt the tooth while chewing. For a few days, eat only soft food that can be easy to chew. While brushing and flossing, be very gentle on the area nearby the root canal. It can help to maintain the proper condition of the tooth. Do not rinse the mouth harshly, do a gentle mouthwash so that it does not cause strain on the root canal. Apart from these, take all necessary care as suggested by the dentist.

There is some pain in my tooth after root canal treatment. A root canal and crown are done immediately for maintaining the proper tooth. However, it will minimize after some duration and you will feel normal. Root canal treatment is sure to give you a better option for the problem of tooth decay.

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  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Going through tooth decay is a very painful thing for any person. Dental experts suggest mostly the root canal treatment for it. This treatment can help to keep the natural tooth in place. It also removes the infection caused in the pulp along with covering it with a proper crown.”

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