Dental Filling Types and Procedure in Surat

Whenever a tooth gets damaged due to decay, it can be treated by cleaning it and doing a proper dental filling. This treatment helps the tooth from further getting damaged and keeps it in a better condition. At Sabka dentist branch in Surat, you can find excellent dental filling treatment. Compared to other treatments, a dental filling is very cost-effective.

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What is a Dental Filling?

A dental filling is a temporary way to restore or save a damaged tooth by further decay, keeping its functionality and shape normal. The process of dental filling is easy, painless, cost-effective, and time-consuming. It is a procedure where the dental expert extracts the damaged material, cleans the affected area efficiently and fills it with the filling material that is available at Sabka Dentist clinic in Surat. The only reason for dental filling is the growing cavity that is harming the oscules of the tooth. Hence, to avoid further spreading of the cavity dental filling treatment is the right choice.

When do you need dental filling?

Sabka Dentist in Surat, servers the patients with guidance about the dental filling treatment. Also, suggest the patient with when dental filling treatment is opted: following are the ways to know when dental filling is treatment
  1. Observation – Discolouration of teeth sometimes indicates severe decay issues. But not all of them. Consulting a dental expert will use an explorer, a metal instrument that is used as an inspection to identify the decayed tooth.
  2. Cavity-detecting dye – Cavity detecting dye is a solution when poured detects all the cavity decayed tooth and rinse away all the unaffected tooth. It makes it easier for the dentist to identify the presence of the cavity in the tooth.
  3. X-rays – X-rays helps the dentist to examine the internal damage of the tooth that is not seen with the naked eye. At Sabka Dentist clinic in Surat, it gives our patients free of cost X rays, consultation, and cost-effective dental treatment.
  4. Sometimes, X rays also help in detecting caries that are present below fillings.
  5. Laser fluorescence cavity detection aids – it works as a highlighter to detect the damaged tooth. Laser fluorescence is an Instrument as name suggest is used to detect the cavity. The highlighting is detected with a bright red light which makes the dentist work easier.
Tooth Decay is not the only reason for the dental filling. Other reasons include:
Dental Filling Types and Procedure in Surat

What are the steps to a filling?

Following are the steps involved in Teeth filling treatment:
  • As you walk-in, the dentist will first check your teeth and search for the decayed part through the usage of dental instruments, X-rays, cavity detecting- eye, and laser-fluorescence cavity detection aids, that will efficiently detect the damaged tooth.
  • To avoid the pain during the treatment, local anesthesia will be injected in the affected area making the area numb. In some cases, If the dentist finds it necessary, they will use a hand instrument or a drill to remove the decayed tooth.
  • Removing the damaged material requires precise professional instrument to get rid of the infected material. Hence a drill is used in a high- speed to remove the unsupported enamel of the tooth. The speed of the drill is lower down as it reaches the dentin to remove the decayed part.
  • Once, all the removable procedure of the damaged material is done, the dentist will take an impression of the filling.
  • During this procedure, a liner is placed to protect the soft pulp from the damaged.
  • The dentist will then, Bond the filling with an acid gel to the tooth before placing the filling.
  • To make the filling strong and resilient, a special light is shone on it.
  • Lastly, the tooth is then polished with a bur once the filling is placed on to the affected tooth.

What care should be taken after a filling?

  • It is a logical fact after the dental filling you will receive a little bit of sensitivity due to pressure, air, sweet foods or cold. The sensation on the tooth last for two weeks. In such a case, try to avoid anything that is causing pain.
  • In a case, if the sensation is not decreased and feeling extremely sensitive in the tooth, make sure to contact or visit the dentist clinic.
  • It is important to let your dentist know about the sensation of the tooth. If the sensation won’t decrease the filling material will be changed to reduce the sensation. Different people vary with different phase of filling material.
  • Try to be more informative or descriptive to the dentist about the sensation that you’re feeling. The description given by you will help the Dentist to decide what filling material can be used as a new one. Besides sensitivity, some people feel discomfortness in the tooth when they bite down.

What are the two reasons for pain after the dental filling treatment?

  1. The first type of pain that occurs when you bite. This pain occurs only when the dental filling that is too high and interferes with your biting process. In such a case, you will have to visit the dental clinic again to have the existing filling reshaped.
  2. The second type of pain or discomfort is a very sharp shock on the filled tooth that appears only when your teeth touch through the two metals filling (one in the newly filled tooth and one that is already existing). This is called galvanic shock.
  3. The dentist polishes the filling before it is placed on the affected, but occasionally sharp edges that have been sharpened may remain. You can’t detect this at first because of the local anesthesia injected in the area. If you find one even after the injection, contact the dentist and arrange a visit to have it smoothed as soon as possible to avoid injury to your tongue or mouth.

Why Replace a Filling?

Dental Fillings doesn’t last forever as they are temporary by nature. Sometimes, they become discolored. Composite filling usually known as tooth-colored fillings materials causes stains, and yellow or darken the tooth over a period of time. Chewing can be exposed to the tremendous pressure on the teeth with the dental filling. Even if there is no other problems develop, some fillings wear out over a period of time and replacing it again becomes essential. A dental filling is suggested to be replaced at an early stage or it will be subjected to leaks or cracks

Why would dental filling fall out?

  • If your biting process is too hard and pressure is applied, it will results in breaking down the filling.
  • For a dental filling to be stabilized the forces are applied upon it. But, the pressure is not precisely given the filling may break down, causing Fracture, cracking, or chipping of the tooth.
  • If the saliva disturbs the filling placed, this will disrupt the bonding of the material as the cavity is contaminated with saliva. As a result, the material bonded on the tooth will not stick well and cause falling of the dental filling.
  • Falling of dental filling can also be caused due to leaking of the filling. Leaked filling is caused because of the tiny space left between the filling and the tooth. Hence, it will result in sensitivity, discoloration, and decaying of the tooth.
  • Some dental filling that lasts for 15 years can also be the reason for falling of the filling. It is called as worn out of the filling.

How to take care of the filling?

It is suggested to visit the dentist at regular intervals for dental cleaning, brushing, and fluoride toothpaste. If you have a large amount of dental filling our dentist will recommend you with a fluoride gel that can be applied regularly. The gel helps to strengthen the enamel of the teeth and avoid future cavities. It becomes necessary to floss at least once with minimal pressure applied.
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