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In the dental industry, it has come into notice that many people have severe dental problems of tooth decay that not only spreads infections in the mouth but also spoils the structure of the teeth. In such a case, a dentist from sabka dentist in Bangalore recommends teeth gap filling treatment. In dental filling treatment, the procedure includes teeth gap filling or filling the decayed area between the other set of teeth. Dentist always recommends to do the dental filling treatment right after the root canal treatment. Teeth Filling treatment in Bangalore is also done to repair, fix the damaged or broken teeth, that are caused by cavities or bad oral health. Dentists at Sabka Dentist, Bangalore, are educated and trained enough to carry out and perform a dental filling procedure nearby.

Is it time for a dental filling?

Sabka Dentist in Bangalore, tells the patients what is necessary to get a dental filling. Given below are the technique through which it will diagnose and identify the reason for dental filling

  • Observation- Well, during the checkup the dentist notices the discolored teeth. Discoloration is not only caused due to tooth decayed but may be due to some other reason. In such a case an instrument called explorer is used by the dentist. It is a metal type instrument, that is used to detect various dental problems like cavities, or other damaged or decayed material. Healthy tooth enamel will not give in to the pressure forced upon by the explorer, and if it does, that will indicate the presence of a cavity and hence, the need for a dental filling.
  • Cavity detecting dye: This is a type of dental instrument a dye that is washed over the set of teeth. It will highlight the decayed areas.
  • X-rays: The easiest way to detect and identify the decayed tooth is X-rays. Sabka Dentist in Bangalore provides patients with free dental checkup.
  • Laser Fluorescence Device: It is a type of dental device that is used to detect caries or decay in teeth. The healthy enamel in the mouth is seen green in color whereas if it is decayed it will be indicated by red and yellow color.

What are the steps involved in Dental Filling?

  • During the dental visit, the first thing a dentist in Bangalore will do is teeth checkup. During this procedure, the decayed tooth will be observed. Other instruments are used to detect the problem are cavity detecting dye, X-rays and a laser Fluorescence device.
  • Once the checkup is done of the damaged tooth, later, the dentist will inject local anesthesia to numb the particular teeth or area.
  • Next step will be removing the decayed part. Hand instruments and drill will be used by the dentist in Bangalore. Later, the dentist will higher the speed of the drill to remove the decayed parts and low enamel, to a lower speed drill once it reached the deltin.
  • Once the removal of decay is finished, the dentist will take a proper shape for the filling.
  • The dentist will put a base or a liner to protect the pulp of the tooth during the procedure of taking the tooth shape.
  • A special light is thrown on the shape to make it hard and tough.
  • A bur is used by the dentist to polish the artificial tooth.

What care should be taken post Dental Filling?

After the dental filling treatment in Bangalore, people do sense discomfort. That usually happens due to pressure, sweets, cold things, etc. Sensitivity is caused by composite fillings. After the filling is done, if the sensitivity continues even after two weeks it becomes important to visit a dental clinic in Bangalore. Even after the dental visit, pain is not calm the dentist might change the material of the filling that will suit the gums. Make sure the sensitivity should be properly explained to the dentist, so accordingly the dentist will think about it. Replacing a filling may take place by the dentist. Two types of pain occurs after the dental filling treatment in Bangalore.

  1. Due to biting after the treatment. This pain occurs when there is excessively high filling in the tooth that interferes with your chewing or biting. A patient will start experiencing the pain once the local injection wears off.
  2. The second type of pain is a sudden shock that only occurs when the teeth touch the other jaw teeth. This is known as galvanic current, causing a type of electric wave in your mouth.

Temporary filling A temporary filling treatment is done to carry to correct the condition of the tooth. It seals and protects the tooth from further major decay, and also decreases the chances of causing sensitivity. An ingredient called Eugenol, made up of clove oil, is used in temporary fillings as a component to relieve toothache that is caused by the decay. This filling does not last for long, hence, the permanent filling becomes essential, to avoid future damage of the tooth. You may receive a temporary filling (usually white, off-white or gray) if:

  • Temporary treatment will require more than one session
  • The dentist will recommend the patients to wait a short period for the tooth to get cured.
  • There is a deep cavity and the pulp is exposed during the treatment.

It is assumed that filling may last for a long period of time. An amalgam filling a type of filling lasts usually for a period of 15 years, while a composite filling may last for about 5 to 7 years. It extends the life of these fillings by taking good care of the teeth and maintaining oral hygiene throughout the future. If someone has a habit of grinding teeth often, it is called bruxism in the dental industry. It has to be avoided once the filling treatment is carried after getting a filling as it may exert pressure on the filling, which may further lead to cracks or leaks in the filling. It is necessary for the patients to floss daily and brush using fluoride toothpaste. And lastly, one should always make sure to visit Sabka dentist, dental clinic in Bangalore, where the team of dental experts will help the patients to and guide the patient the right way. Sabka Dentist, so we can do the treatment just right.

What is Tooth filling cost in Bangalore?

Our experts remove cavities and treat the decayed part of tooth with filling. We, at Sabka dentist provide many types filling with different prices. To know about tooth filling cost in Bangalore please visit here.

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