Why do dentists use X-rays?

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Have you ever kept a vigil on what you feed on every day? Ever contemplated how does the various foods affect your teeth? Normally, we subject our teeth to many stresses and often we take it lightly and it develops into plaque, infections and then eventually cause decay of the tooth or result in greater dental complications.


Some complications are internal damage to the teeth and to assess the dental issue along with its graveness Dental X-ray becomes a must. To diagnose the problem precisely, dental x-ray is inevitable.


Dental X-Rays will help dentist as well as you to find issues like:

  • Invisible Decay – At times, in some cases the decay is too complicated to be visible to the naked eye so X-Rays will help to view the invisible decay which is hidden between the gaps of the teeth.
  • Loss of Bone – With the help of a Dental X-Ray, a dentist can clearly measure the intensity or the degree of the bone loss.
  • Decay under fillings: Dental X-Rays are a boon here, as such types of decay can be detected only with the X-Ray. The x-ray of the decayed tooth will help you start the treatment in time and prevent further damage
  • Infection at the tip of the root: The complete X-Ray of your mouth is viewed, and this helps the dentist to identify if you are suffering from infection or any problems. Infected tooth x-ray will help to diagnose the problem at a larger scale too.

Are dental x-rays safe?

Dental x-rays are no different than a normal x-ray and they are completely safe as you do one with your other organs in general. Infact, digital x-rays in dentistry expose a dental patient to a lower amount of radiation which is just a small fraction of the radiation compared to the normal imaging procedures carried out for other organs.


So, you see there is nothing to worry about, it’s a safe procedure to perform. Therefore, if you ever think are dental x-rays safe then you are guaranteed now of its credibility and still if you have any doubts as why there is a need for x-ray, what exactly is the procedure and how its performed and in what situation they are to be performed or on children and all then let’s see that too so that you feel comfortable more about the dental x-rays as a safe procedure


There is very little concern or worry if the x-rays are performed with proper precautions and protection gear. Make sure the laboratory or the dentist is well equipped to perform one and a good hygiene maintained, and proper guidelines are followed while performing one.

Dental X-Rays and Children

Parents are extra cautious when it comes to children for anything and especially health related issues. On a good note, parents need not worry as X-Rays are safe for children and generally the cause of worry is due to the sensitivity exhibited by the children as they are more sensitive to the radiation passed through the teeth.


One of the main reasons X-rays are recommended for kids is they have a developing jaw and teeth with age. Hence, a vigil by parents is extremely helpful and important.

Some of the reasons why Dental X-Rays are performed on the children

  • The incoming teeth require a proper space in the mouth to erupt and develop too, so x-ray is performed to check on the space within the mouth.
  • To help see the development of wisdom teeth
  • Children are characterized by milk teeth or primary teeth at the initial stage and after which the permanent teeth develop so x-ray is needed to determine whether the primary teeth will fall off at the right time to give way to the permanent teeth.
  • Cavities and gum disease are a root cause of many dental problems and children are a favorite victim of it, so preventing these x-rays is good to be performed in regular intervals to nip the bud in time.

Dental X-Rays during Pregnancy

Women have to have additional care in everything when they are pregnant right from food to lifestyle and even medical treatments. X-Rays generally expose a human being to very minimum required radiation but over all dental x-rays during pregnancy are advised to be avoided or for the fact, any x-rays are advised not to be performed.


In the greater interest and care of developing fetuses it is better to avoid any type of x-ray. So, if you’re pregnant please make sure you inform your dentist about the condition.


Nevertheless, in some conditions dental x-rays during pregnancy are inevitable and they must be conducted like if a dental emergency lands with a pregnant woman or the treatment in the middle may require an x-ray to be performed.


If such a situation arises, inform and discuss with your dentist about the pregnancy and the dentist will provide you a best solution and a way forward about it. It’s important to be a responsible parent and take the charge of parenthood right from the time the fetus is in the womb and make the correct decision in the welfare of the child.


Women suffering with periodontal disease or gum disease must be careful as they are at a greater risk of unwanted consequences.


Make sure to have an open and transparent communication with your dentist with any fear if you’re pregnant as the dentist then will take extra precaution during the x-rays. The dentist will use a leaded apron and a thyroid collar in case of a pregnant woman for extra preventive care.

Safety measures during Dental X-Rays

Safety measures will help to reduce the amount of the radiation subjected to unnecessary areas of the mouth. The number of the x-rays taken also are important as with increase in number you’re exposed to more radiation, so a single proper image is best for the diagnosis, and in this case you have to be a responsible patient and do your homework in terms of expertise of the dentist.


In terms of children, request the dentist to set the radiation at the minimum which will satisfy the purpose of the x-ray also with it. One of the ways to guard your body from radiation are leaded coverings.

Expert opinions

  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “People are very inquisitive about dental x-rays, search x-ray of infected root tooth, infected tooth x-ray, x-ray of decayed teeth etc. and to be precise it’s common to feel anxiety before a x-ray for first timers but there is nothing to worry about. It is a simple procedure to get a clearer picture of dental problems so the treatment remains targeted.”
  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “For children, dental x-rays are almost a preventive care as they will help the parents prevent many oral problems which usually children encounter at the later stages in their life. They are recommended every six months in general.”
  • Dr. Preethi Nagarajan Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Dental x-rays are like the other x-rays, so patients need not worry at all, you just need to take proper precaution and keep in mind the expertise of the dentist and must be performed by a well-informed dentist.”


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  • Aayushi

    Some clinics charge for dental x-rays. I know a clinic where its free. Visit Sabka Dentist now

  • Aayushi

    Some clinics charge for dental x-rays. I know a clinic where its free. Visit Sabka Dentist now

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