Dental Training Program

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For Senior Dentists Sabka dentist has partnered with industry leaders Nobel Biocare and 3M to offer advanced dental educational opportunities. These courses are conducted in small groups, allowing for interactive learning, intensive hands-on training and ongoing mentorship.

Introductory Implant Course For Resident Dentists (Nobel Biocare):

In association with Nobel Biocare, the Sabka dentist training team conducts implant fellowship programs for implant placement and complete prosthetic phase guidance on patients.

Training Program Highlights:

  • Intensive and interactive learning, focused group discussions and case presentations
  • Opportunity to place implants on patients
  • Ongoing mentoring by the AIAD Faculty

Training Program Objectives:
Upon successful completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Incorporate Implantology in practice
  • Develop a dental implant treatment plan
  • Select and place optimal implant type of surgical site
  • Manage complications

Day 1:

  • Rationale and scope of dental implants
  • Anatomy and Physiology relevant to implants
  • Biomaterials an Osseointegration
  • Selection of implant
  • Implant Designs & Systems
  • Radiographic interpretations and modern radiological technique

Demo and Hands-On: Candidates place implants on jaw models

Day 2:

  • Medical considerations
  • Infection control and operating room protocol
  • Live Surgeries (one case)
  • Pre-prosthetic surgery considerations
  • Armamentarium for implant surgery

Hands-on: Live surgery on patient

Day 1:

  • Case discussion and questionnaire
  • Case presentation
  • Prosthetic components and options for treatment
    • Biomechanics and occlusal considerations for implant prosthodontics
    • Hard and soft tissue management (bone grafts and Perio esthetics)
    • Hands-On: Understanding CMCT and Implant planning using CBCT Software

Day 2:

  • Types of impression procedure
  • Live demo of stage 2 surgery
  • Live demo of various impression techniques
  • Clinical lab procedures

Demo Cum Hands-On: Various impression techniques on models

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