ORAL HABITS – Can Chewing On Ice Really Damage Your Teeth?

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It’s one of the most not unusual behaviors for people to mindlessly chunk on ice, especially during the summer season months. Unfortunately, this addiction is something that is very necessary for you to remove or change. Chewing ice can cause loads of oral health issues which include gum injuries and damage of tooth enamel. If one won’t stop the poor habit, it will lead to expensive costs at the dental clinic and the dentist.

Why Do I Chew On Ice?

Chewing on ice, and other substances without a nutritional value are known in the clinical international as the percent. For most, the percent is just a habit. Those who munch on the ice for relaxation that is left in the glass or cup, during a chilly day don’t have much extra to worry about than a simple addiction.

ice chewing bad oral habit

However, if you crave ice every day, it is able to signify a bigger problem. In some cases, if you munch on the ice regularly there is a deficiency of iron found in the body. So, it is compulsory for the people who munch ice on a regular basis, need to see a doctor immediately and ask for the solution.

time, it is able to do some actual damage – mainly to the enamel. As you munch on the ice every time, the feeling of the coldness and the hardness of the ice may affect the teeth and lead to the great destruction of the teeth.

Due to the munching of the ice, there are chances of extreme bloodless stiffens the tooth, even as the hardness components blunt pressure that cracks the already inflexible teeth enamel. Just like that, tiny fractures arise inside the tooth of the enamel.

What Is Tooth Enamel

Enamel is the outermost layer of tissue that is located on all human teeth. This forcefield is the toughest substance inside the human body – it’s even tougher than bone. Meant to defend our tooth from decay, enamel adds a long-lasting barrier to the enamel.

Although strong, the tooth is not invincible. And once teeth are lost, the frame does now not create more to update it. Enamel, not like the relaxation of the body, is not made up of living cells. This means the body cannot fill up as soon as it’s miles damaged.

This is why you want to shield your teeth at all expenses and forestall chewing on ice!

Crack Or Chip Teeth

The small fractures that arise in enamel from ice chewing won’t be conspicuous at first. But, these little cracks will begin to deepen over time. The more ice you chew, the bigger those cracks grow.

bad oral habit ice chewing

What begins out as a microscopic fracture can quickly grow to be a damaged tooth if an ice chewing dependency persists. Enamel starts off evolving to break, leaving the teeth prone to enamel decay. What’s worse, enamel keeps your tooth from feeling excessive temperatures like warm and bloodless. That approach that ice chewing will make your teeth feel increasingly touchy over time. Save your cracked tooth by eliminating such poor habits.

How Do I Stop Chewing Ice?

The number one manner to quit chewing on ice is to chorus from tempting yourself. I know, I know, it’s easy to mention but hard to do. Try steering clear of liquids with the ones scrumptious-looking ice chips in them, and instead ask for no ice on the counter while ordering a calming drink.

Additionally, to kick the addiction, use a straw (a reusable one, keep the turtles!) to keep away from the temptation of crunching ice immediately from the cup.

If you feel that is extra than just a dependency, and you’ve been consuming ice constantly for over a month, speak to your doctor. Ice chewing won’t go away on its very own with lifestyle changes when you have a medical condition that is causing your %. The underlying condition should first be treated.

Should I Never Have Ice Again?

No! Just be aware! Ice chewing is a lot scarier than it might seem. Many adults chew ice daily, wreaking havoc on tooth teeth and causing little cracks in an effort to cause big troubles down the road. If you’re seeking to give up chewing ice, don’t get discouraged!

You aren’t by myself in this. Plus, as soon as you quit the dependency, your older self will without a doubt thank you for preserving every bit of enamel you’ve got

tooth pain after chewing ice

Does Your Child Have a Damaged Tooth?

Chewincing ice creates a reflexive action and is a subconscious act that every person can never notice. It is very necessary to let the people know the danger cause for chewing ice, and hence, try to prevent the habit altogether. Chewing ice will lead to the damaging of the teeth and other oral hygiene, which can lead to an emergency with the dentist. If people have chipped or cracked teeth and are chewing ice, then immediately see a dentist for checkup or call a dentist to ask or take prior precaution before the situation gets worse.

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  • Dr.
    Preethi Nagarajan
    Dental Director of Sabka dentist says ” Though chewing ice makes you feel relaxed, there is a negative reaction on the teeth. It may make the tooth or teeth bloodless and may spoil the enamel of the teeth.”


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