How cavity affect your health?

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What is a Cavity?

Ever noticed black spots on or in our teeth? Yes? Do you know what these are? Hmm? Yes, correct it is Cavity. So, do you think it would be an easy task to bury that black hollow space which has appeared on your teeth? Will not affect your oral health, did you ever try and find out? If not, then let’s find out more about cavities and how to remove cavities from teeth.
What is cavity
To be precise, the treatment for cavities is easy but it damages your oral health big time. The occurrence of cavity in the teeth is very common in India like common flu and cold but as different parts of the body require different care similarly oral health is also different.


The biggest advantage that other parts of your body have is that they can regain the cells but in case of teeth, that is not the case so. Due to this fact, you must be extra careful with your teeth and its dental health.


Naturally, the teeth will not repair by itself and will not be able to regain its initial shape. Nevertheless, with the help of artificial methods, you can treat the cavity dental issue.

How can cavity affect your health?

how can a cavity affect health

  • Spread infection to the other surrounding healthy teeth.Your mouth is a reservoir of bacteria and some are useful while some harmful. The harmful ones produce acids which cause cavities in your teeth. As said, there are many bacteria residing in your mouth naturally but don’t worry, they will not all harm your teeth when they are present in a balanced amount. They will also automatically be washed away without any issues, relax. With the help of good oral discipline like regular brushing and flossing, the development of plaque will be restricted, and it will also in turn reduce the production of bacteria. It can also spread infection to the other parts of your body.
    If you’re already suffering from a cavity, it’s a favorable condition for the bacteria to develop and for them to dwell there also. The surrounding healthy teeth will also get affected, unless at the appropriate time if the treatment is not availed.
  • The excruciating pain can spoil your mood and the whole day. Can you recall or remember, the toothache from your childhood days which kept you away from favorite chocolates and desserts? So, now it has the potential to keep you awake all night, robbing your peaceful sleep. Dental emergencies are the worst, and patients have experienced helplessness due to sudden unbearable pain and it can be a tough time then.
  • Social embarrassing- Tooth decay can prove to be an obstacle in all the daily important tasks or in your next party too. If you are very much worried about your aesthetic, it could be difficult to cope up with the situation as it’s a threat. There are many cases where patient’s experience low self-esteem. Therefore, due to cavity/es people admit that they don’t smile or laugh freely. Yet, the smile of every patient is precious and the treatment will aid you to smile and laugh like earlier, without any concerns.
  • Futile endocarditis: It’s basically a heart condition or a disorder wherein the oral bacteria may enter your bloodstream. Now, these bacteria can cause blockage of vessels or infection because these bacteria have the tendency to accumulate or stick to the unhealthy heart valves.
  • Heart attack or stroke: The dental issue known as Gingivitis is characterized by inflammation and the inflammation is caused by bacteria, which may result in turn causing the whole body to be inflamed. The inflammation of the body can play a huge part in developing congested arteries or blood clots. Such a condition may result in a stroke or heart attack.
  • Insulin resistance: In case, you are not keeping a tab on diabetes level and if it’s poorly controlled then it can result into periodontal disease viz gum diseases. This in turn infect the bloodstream and can trigger insulin resistance and disrupt the control of sugar in the body.
  • Dementia: You may be surprised to know this but yes, poor oral care can affect your brain. The inflammation of gums or medically called gingivitis, which is caused due to bacteria, has the potential to kill your brain cells and ultimately lead to memory loss (dementia).
  • Respiratory (Lung) Infections: The respiratory system of your body may also be harmed if you ignore the basic oral health care and hygiene. The swollen gums and infected teeth containing bacteria by the involuntarily inhalation process may land up in your respiratory tract. These harmful bacteria may then cause pneumonia, bronchitis and COPD also.
  • Cancer: Your bad habits will cost you big time. So, any products containing tobacco like cigarettes, ghutka, pan etc. have disastrous effects in the long run and will ultimately lead to oral or throat cancers. And to your shock, not just oral or throat cancers but any type of cancers can happen due to periodontal diseases (Gum diseases).
  • Kidney Disease:Gum diseases cause your immune system to weaken and it is generally seen that people suffering from periodontal diseases have a weak immunity. Therefore, such people are prone to infections easily. A lot of people suffer from kidney diseases too due to gum disease. Kidney disease has severe consequences and can prove to be fatal due to kidney failure or cardiovascular disease.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Gum diseases are dangerous as if the infection or the bacteria from your mouth spreads to your nerve channels or enter your bloodstreams, then they may cause dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease.”
  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “The people who neglect their oral health care are vulnerable to blood cancer, kidney cancer and pancreatic cancer.”
  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “The repercussions of poor oral care are too many as each and every vital organ of your body can be affected due to it ranging from brain, heart, kidney, arteries and what not. So, maintaining a discipline in oral healthcare like brushing twice a day, flossing twice, visits to the dentist every 6 months is a must.”


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7 thoughts on “How cavity affect your health?

  • Aayushi

    One must avoid all junk food not for body for but for oral health

  • Aayushi

    One must avoid all junk food not for body for but for oral health

  • Shalini bhargava

    Avoid cavity and brush twice a day

  • Manali Pandya

    Timely checkups by your dentist will help prevent these cavities.

  • Apeksha vaghani

    Helpful article regarding affection of caries on health

  • Apeksha vaghani

    Helpful article regarding affection of caries on health

  • pragati

    Very well explained, brush twice a day nd avoid cavities.

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