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It is very important to maintain a good condition of your teeth to ensure proper dental health. However, when you realize that your tooth is affecting your dental health and it is difficult to do a constructive treatment for that tooth then extraction is the better option. The process of tooth extraction is very painful.


Also, some pain still prevails for a while after the removal of the tooth. So, the important things in these circumstances are to take appropriate precautions after the extraction of the teeth.


Taking tooth extraction aftercare can relive you from extreme pain and help to make the healing process rapidly. After tooth extraction, you need to follow some basic care to help minimize the pain and heal quickly.

Why precautions after tooth extraction are necessary?

In some cases, wisdom teeth in the people do not erupt out in a proper way. It leads to excruciating pain and may lead to some sort of disease. Here, the dentists usually recommend removing the teeth.


Also, removing these teeth during a young age will be better ideas, as later it may cause more pain. Here removing the tooth at an early stage has another advantage as the tooth extraction healing process is much faster.


When the blood clot is dissolved and dislodged, it exposes the nerve endings and bone. Bad breath and extreme pain are developed which leads to a minor fever in the body.


So, a proper tooth removal aftercare is very essential to get immediate relaxation. Many of the dentists provide strict guidelines for few days after tooth extraction. Now, what to do after tooth extraction, is one of the common questions comes in the mind. We will now check the precautions and the healing process after tooth extraction.


Here are some precautions after tooth extraction which you should be taken to minimize the pain and make the healing process faster:

tooth extraction aftercare

  • Applying ice pack from outsideAfter completing the process of tooth extraction, apply the ice pack from the outer portion of the respective cheek. It will help in speeding up the blood clotting process, stop the swelling, and relieve from the pain.

precaution after tooth extraction

  • Avoiding cigarettes and alcohol can thin the blood and defer the recuperating procedure. It can likewise keep the blood from thickening appropriately at the recuperating site. Smoking can have similar impacts. Delaying a cigarette additionally conveys a hazard that you will unstick the blood coagulation which is sitting on the extraction site, implying that it will begin draining once more. You should stay away from all liquor and cigarettes for at any rate 24 after the insight tooth medical procedure.

after tooth extraction

  • Modification in your diet- Attempt to adhere to fluid nourishments or milder food sources for the main day or two after your astuteness tooth medical procedure. Stay away from hard or sharp nourishments like crisps and scones which could disturb your extraction site. It is additionally best to keep away from bubbly beverages, fiery nourishments or hot refreshments, which could make disturbances the site. As the skin is mending, it might likewise be progressively powerless to consume. From the second day onwards, you should flush your mouth with somewhat salty water after every supper, so you can clean any nourishment from your mouth. You can eat the following foods like Pudding, Soup, Mashed potatoes, Eggs, soft fruits, etc.
  • Necessary Mouth care- Avoid drinking, eating, and talking after the first two hours after the tooth extraction process. If you are finding pain while drinking water or juice then you can use the straw while drinking it. Avoid brushing at night for that particular day when your tooth has been extracted, instead, rinse the mouth gently with the water. If you have the habit of doing regular exercise then avoid doing exercise for at least two days. Also, you must take proper care of the area where the tooth extraction is done for at least 2 weeks properly.
  • Avoid Warm Saline Water Rinses- The fundamental point of flushing is to clean the zone of extraction as it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to brush the attachment. We blend salt to make the arrangement isotonic and like characteristic tissue liquid and along these lines it is less disturbing than water. Flushing is generally exhorted 12 hours after the extraction. Along these lines, warm saline washes help in cleaning and keeping up the cleanliness of that zone.
  • Take medicine as given by your dentists only- Do not take any painkiller type of medicine on your own, it can trouble you. Painkillers are regularly given to patients to assist with diminishing the expansion, which can really decrease the odds of contamination in the territory. Continuously ensure that you finish the course of tablets that you have been given, with the goal that they work appropriately. On the off chance that your dental specialist doesn’t give you a remedy for painkillers (a few dental specialists won’t in the event that it was a basic technique), you can likewise take normal painkillers from the drug store. Continuously read the name and adhere to the directions given on the parcel, regardless of whether you think you realize how to take them. Never take disprins to lessen the torment following insight teeth extraction, because that these medications will thin the blood and can cause your mouth to drain.


  • Do not brush from the extracted side- Tenderly wipe the extraction site with a spotless, wet bandage, as opposed to brushing at it with your toothbrush. Until the territory has started to recuperate appropriately, extreme brushing can hamper the mending procedure. On the off chance that your mouth feels unclean, you might have the option to utilize a mouthwash, however, abstain from washing for at any rate 24 hours after the shrewdness teeth extraction. Keep away from mouthwash which has liquor content. In the wake of flushing, abstain from spitting powerfully, or you could unstick the blood coagulation.

after tooth extractions

  • Visit the respective dentist when necessary- If you are still struggling with pain and find that the healing process is very slow, even after following all guidelines related to tooth extraction aftercare then you can visit the respective dentist where you did the tooth extraction work.

Visit the dentist under the following circumstances:-

  1. Increase in the swelling of the respective area
  2. Feeling of the pressure in the nearby areas where the tooth is extracted
  3. Continuing pain more than two days
  4. A mild fever in the body which comes and goes on regular intervals

Knowing all the effects, the tooth extraction aftercare should be followed in a proper way. You have to minimize the pain along with faster tooth extraction healing. Make sure that you visit a proper dentist to get better treatment.



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  • Dr. Preethi Nagarajan Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “To maintain a good structure physically and aesthetically of the teeth, minerals and vitamins are a must in your diet.”
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