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How much will it cost for Metal Braces?

The costs of Orthodontics are usually high which involves a long-term treatment process. Unlike dentists, Orthodontics has more expertise and needs to implement many of the complex processes. Despite all these things, many people are willing to do the necessary treatment, as it is associated with the proper alignment of teeth and facial growth.


Here, we will talk particularly about metal braces treatment. It is obvious that Metal braces treatment needs a significant cost. So, we will get acquainted with the metal braces and the cost involved in it.

Metal Braces:

Metal Braces Cost

Metal Braces are used to straighten the misaligned teeth or correct the jaw position. Here, constant pressure is put on each of the teeth which move the crooked teeth in the desired position along a certain period. The movement occurs properly making the teeth move in a proper position.

Cost of the Metal Braces:

Cost of Metallic Braces

The fees for the Orthodontics treatment will vary from Orthodontist to another. The price here is not fixed at different locations. It depends on the number of factors like malocclusion severity, the complexity involved, location, operating fees of the Orthodontist, and few other factors.


One thing must be noted, if you reduce the treatment period then it may not necessarily reduce the cost. In many of the cases, the shortened period of the metal braces treatment cost leads to an increase in the cost.


How much duration will it take to straighten the teeth with Metal Braces?

how much duration take to straighten teeth with Metal Braces

The duration of the treatment will vary from one patient to another patient. Generally, the treatment takes a period between one to three years. It depends on the bite correction amount needed along with the movement.

Availability of the payment plans:

The huge cost involved in Orthodontist treatment is one of the main concerns of many patients. Even, Orthodontists understand this problem well, so they have proper bifurcation plans of paying the amount in different installments. This relieves the patients from the financial burdens and encourages them to take Metal Braces treatment faster.


These cost-related questions about metal braces must be asked during the initial consultation itself. Also, you must have a few more questions about the fee payment options if required. The price range of the Metal Braces treatment is indicative and it does not consider some factors like malocclusion treatment, full treatment, limited treatment, etc.


It is always recommended to have an open discussion of the cost involved for the metal braces treatment. Asking a detailed quote of the cost for the procedures involved is a better thing. Make sure that the treatment procedure is progressing safely.


There are different types of braces treatment done now. However, Metal braces are one of the traditional types of braces used for long years. Also, compared to other types of treatment, Metal braces treatment are relative with low cost.


All types of treatment give the same treatment, the only thing about Metal braces are that they are visible easily to other people. So, while going for the Metal Braces, get all the information about the costing properly. It will ensure that the treatment procedure is going properly with regular fee payment.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "When you are going for the Metal Braces, get all the necessary information about the cost. Metal Braces costing are lower when compared with other types of braces. The costs do vary a little from one Orthodontist to another. Be clear on the Metal braces treatment costing."

Frequently Asked Question

What is the treatment duration of metal braces?

On Average, a Metal brace takes 12 months to 16 months for treatment. However, treatment time differs from patient to patient and the complexity of your case. Visit Sabka Dentist to get the accurate details of your case and the cost of your treatment.

Do braces change your face?

Yes, Braces treatment helps in bringing positive changes in your face, as it fixes alignment issues of your teeth which align your face and gives you a more balanced, natural look of your mouth and your jawline.

What are the common side effects of braces?

  • Discomfort at the start of the treatment and every adjustment in braces during the treatment.
  • Tooth Decay.
  • Irritation for the metal strings.
  • Restriction in eating certain types of food and also difficulty in Eating
  • Pain in Mouth and Jaw.
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