How straightening and aligning differ?

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How straightening and aligning differ?

It is very difficult to eat when you have misaligned teeth. It also makes your smile very inappropriate. Straightening the teeth appearance is one of the main treatments amongst the orthodontic treatment. You will also hear the word of proper alignment of the teeth when you seek to get orthodontic treatment.


Although both these terms of straightening and aligning appear similar, they serve different functions. However, both treatments are very important to improve the smile.

What are teeth straightening?

What are teeth straightening

Straightening teeth simply means moving the crooked teeth by rotating it slightly to bring them in a proper line with their neighboring teeth. Straightening is one of the main reasons for people to get orthodontic treatment.


Here, the main focus is primarily on the front six teeth which are seen mostly when a smile appears on the face. In orthodontic terms, the straightening of the teeth is generally termed as getting the aesthetic look of the smile.

What are teeth aligning?

teeth alignment treatment

In orthodontics, the aligning of the teeth generally means getting the teeth alignment proper for achieving the good bite. People face the issue of bad bite due to the misalignment of the jaw.


Overbites and underbites are the most noticeable things found in the misalignment of the teeth. Difficulty in breathing, teeth wearing, pain, and discomfort are some of the major problems caused due to the misalignment of the teeth.


Sometimes, the misalignment may not show the immediate problems, still, it has chances of showing major problems in later stages. So, getting the alignment proper is the main thing for the teeth aligning.

Is it possible to straighten the teeth without aligning the jaw?

Many of the treatments claim that they correct the smile in a quicker duration. Here, the treatments are generally limited. However, these treatments mainly focus on the front six teeth to give the straighter smile and the alignment problem is not sorted which continues with the on-going problem.


Generally, a good Orthodontist will never recommend the limited treatment, as it may lead to serious problems along the time. So, looking at the long-term stability point-of-view, it is not recommended that the straightening of the teeth must be done without aligning the jaw. Getting a full-fledged proper treatment is always better to get the things proper.

Why Orthodontic treatment generally takes more than one year?

Why Orthodontic Treatment generally takes more than one year

The Orthodontic treatment deals with the straightening or alignment of the teeth and jaws by wearing the braces for a certain duration. Here, the main thing is that the moving of the teeth and positioning the jaw properly is a slow process. This process must be given its duration to achieve the desired results for achieving the proper smile.


Also, the numbers of different factors are responsible for aligning the teeth in proper order. The subtle and slow process will give proper results. Generally, the orthodontic treatment takes a period between six months to two years, depending upon the type of complexity and other factors associated with it.


If you are planning to get orthodontic treatments then don’t procrastinate, visit the specialist orthodontic soon and get the proper desired smile. They can know the case better and provide proper treatment options to achieve a nice smile.


An Orthodontist specializes in treating the tooth problem properly by correcting the alignment of the tooth. The orthodontist will check the basic checking of the tooth and take the X-rays of the mouth from a different angle. It will give proper information about the exact position.


They’ll provide you with a proper treatment plan through which you can achieve the proper smile. In case, you have an extreme underbite or overbite then they can even consider the option of surgery. However, most of the people will need the braces only for this type of treatment.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Straightening and aligning differs in some points when it comes to the Orthodontic treatment. Once you know the exact problem and want to have that proper smile, then you must visit a proper Orthodontist soon for getting proper treatment.”


Frequently Asked Question

How much time does it take to straighten my teeth?

Teeth straightening treatment can take around 6 to 24 months. Depending on the complexity of the case and what type of treatment do you take. A checkup and consultancy with an orthodontist can give you an accurate timeline.

What is the best treatment option for straightening teeth?

Invisible braces

Clear aligners 

Ceramic braces

What is the fastest way to straighten your teeth?

Clear Aligners are the fastest method to straighten teeth. Aligners are also a more effective way to straighten your teeth.

Can I straighten my teeth at 35?

Yes! Teeth straighten treatment can proceed at any age. Clear Aligners are the best option for you, As they are invisible and removable and are a more effective treatment option for straightening your teeth.

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