Is it safe for my children to use mouthwash?

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Many ads show how smooth and soft mouthwash is that claims to fix all oral health. Such marketing promises of protecting cavities, having strong teeth and easy to use are considered to be false. There are some important considerations that incorporate the use of the mouthwash in children’s oral health and hygiene.

At what age can children use mouthwash?

Mouthwash contains chemical ingredients that stabilize the fluoride which is recommended dangerous for the children. Children below age 6 are not allowed to consume mouthwash as it is not safe to swallow. There are various mouthwash products available for children in the market that do not contain alcohol, but still it is not safe for children as they lead to an upset stomach or may worse the overall health.

Mouthwash used by the age six and above should be consumed in adults supervision. Even the child knows how to use the mouthwash properly. By practising it every day may make your child master in using mouthwash properly. There is a certain way to consume mouthwash, take the mouthwash, swish the mouthwash in the mouth and keep it for seconds and after rinsing it spill out all the mouthwash. If the child is not ready for it, it is recommended for the parent to be there when the child is using a mouthwash.


Some mouthwash products come with certain warnings that precaution every child and parent before using it. With proper safety measures taken, children should not be attracted to such fancy or attractive packaging of the mouthwash rather they should read the description of it.

Children don’t know the quantity of consuming mouthwash. If they drink excessive liquid, immediately give them milk to drink so that no poison is spread. Milk will help to prevent the absorption of the poison inside the body.

When to use mouthwash?

In children mouthwash helps to prevent the problem of bad breath. At the same time sometimes mouthwash also keeps the growth of cavities in control as it contains fluoride. Mouthwash is needed in children only when they don’t brush their teeth or floss twice a day. And, if they follow the method of brushing and flossing twice a day then mouthwash is not at all necessary. But, proper safety measures have to be taken.

Kids with poor dental hygiene, then mouthwash makes senseable. It is not a permanent replacement for brushing and flossing habits. It can be an addition for your daily oral hygiene like brushing and flossing. It is a good choice for all the dental health.

Children wearing braces can make use of mouthwash as they benefit to remove all the stuck food particles from the brackets. Hence, they are beneficial.

Can kids mouthwash solve my child’s recurring bad breath?

Mouthwash does not solve all the problems like bad breath. It may cover up the smell, but won’t permanently eliminate the daily habit of brushing and flossing, and bad breath problems.

To keep your child’s bad breath in control, it is necessary to pay more attention because oral infection and large cavities may cause bad breath in kids. Even various types of food and beverages. Saliva in the mouth is a fighting agent that fights against the smell and bacteria inside the mouth. If there is less production of saliva there will be more growth of bacteria.

Kids not brushing their tongue properly may result in the growth of odour. This is because the bacteria inside the mouth sticks to the tongue. Hence if not properly brushed it may cause bad breath problems.

Alcohol and kids mouthwash

It is necessary to ask your pediatric dentist before using a mouthwash. Though the mouthwash does not contain alcohol, using it without precautions can cause harm to children’s health. It is not easy to swish and spit the mouthwash. It is necessary to use the mouthwash under supervision.

Alcohol in the mouthwash of the adults is not good for the mouth as it results in dry mouth and dry mouth will lead to bad breath problems. Mouthwash for kids are safe to use as they are alcohol free and control the odour of the mouth.

Why does adult mouthwash contain alcohol at all? It is used as a preservative, stabilizer and as a carrier method for menthol, an ingredient that gives the traditional tingling and cooling sensation in mouthwash. It should be noted that there are now a wide variety of adult mouthwashes available that contain no alcohol and provide similar benefits.

how to use mouthwash

How to use mouthwash

Dentists say that everyday brushing and flossing twice a day will help to create more fluoride in the mouth that will help to keep the cavity protected. If your child has lots of cavities you can make use of fluoride alcohol – free mouthwash.

  1. Steps to use a mouthwash
  2. Use the right amount
  3. Swish it inside the mouth properly
  4. Spit it whole
  5. Wait till 30 minutes after spitting the mouthwash

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  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Dental mouthwash used by children should be kept in control and consumed under supervision.”


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