Sabka Dentist 3-in-1 Dental Pen - Your Smile's Best Friend

Fight plaque, bad breath, and dullness to get a brighter, radiant smile!

Key Features

Our dental pen is powered by natural Aloe Extract, a formidable weapon against plaque, keeping your teeth and gums healthy and your smile confident.

Experience the refreshing essence of Spearmint Oil, ensuring your breath remains irresistibly fresh for any social situation.
Not just preventing stains, our dental pen preserves the natural radiance of your teeth, making your smile shine with newfound confidence

Get your Dental Pen today and experience the difference!

Further Insights:

  • Easy-to-use, compact design for on-the-go oral care.

  • Suitable for all ages and dental care needs.

  • A natural and holistic approach to dental health.

  • Convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional teeth whitening treatments.

How to use?

Step 1

Brush your teeth and dry them with a paper towel. 

Step 2

Twist and apply the dental gel formula to your teeth with a smile.

Step 3


Wait for 10 minutes,
then rinse with water. 

Elevate your dental care routine with the Sabka Dentist 3-in-1 Dental Pen – your smile’s perfect companion.
Smile brighter and embrace the new standard in dental care!

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