What To Do When A Toothache Strikes?

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When you have any dental health problem, toothache may occur anytime. There is no doubt that visiting the best dental clinic nearby is the only best option in this case that can give you proper treatment. However, toothache can strike at any time of day or at night.

Also, it can happen during the holiday when your best dental clinic nearby is closed. So, what to do in this case for treating this toothache? Well, there are some ways through which you can get relief from these toothaches.

What might be the cause of the toothache?

Before we look into the solution for the toothache problem, it is important to understand the cause of the toothache. This will help you to get the correct treatment solution for the problem.

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Here are some of the most common toothache problems:

Cavities on teeth

One of the most common reasons behind the toothache problems is the cavities on the teeth. It can cause mild or sharp pain in the teeth depending on the severity of the cavities.

Cracked or broken tooth

Toothache can also occur if some tooth gets cracked or is broken due to some reason. You need to get immediate relief in this case that can make you comfortable.

Infected pulp

The pulp occurs due to excessive tooth decay or any kind of infection on the tooth. This causes swelling and hypersensitivity is experienced on the tooth while eating some food items.

Periodontal disease

In periodontal disease, gums are infected that further affects the supporting tooth. This disease mainly occurs due to bacteria plaque development on the tooth.

How to get relief when the toothache strikes?

After understanding the cause of the toothache, it becomes easier to get the treatment solution accordingly. Now, if you need relief from the toothache problem then you have to go for a certain treatment solution.

Here are some treatment solutions for toothache:

Apply a cold compress

One of the most immediate solutions to do when a toothache strikes is to apply a cold compress from the outside region of the face over the affected tooth. Here, you must take a small ice cube in a cloth and then apply it on the side of the face.

It will distract you from the pain, then it will immediately soothe blood vessels which can reduce swelling and pain.

Taking relevant painkiller medication

You can take the relevant painkiller from any medical shop, it will reduce the intensity of the pain for some duration. Painkiller medication can relieve pain to only a few toothaches that are generated with specific causes. 

Rinse with saltwater

Rinse with saltwater

Saltwater rinsing can give relief to some toothache problems. It can be effective for some of the toothache problems like a cavity-filled tooth, sore throat, pulp infection problem, etc.

The saltwater rinsing removes the bacteria from the tooth and the gums which further relieves the problem of toothache for the individual.

Applying specific oil

Some types of oils are effective in relieving the problem of toothache. Clove oil is found very effective in treating problems of toothache. Coconut oil is very effective for removal of the small debris, plaque, and other types of bacteria from the teeth.

Here, you need to simply dip the cotton bud in the relevant oil and put it over the infected area of the toothache. This solution can be effective for the pain arising due to cavities or periodontal disease.

Can toothache problems be due to any non-dental reasons?

In some cases, toothache problems can also be due to specific non-dental reasons. Some of the non-dental reasons may include jaw joint disorders, sinus infection, hypertension, or some other types of problems. It may look strange, still, these reasons have been observed for toothache problems.

When to visit a dentist for the toothache problem?

You must certainly apply the above-mentioned treatment solution for getting relief from the toothache. However, you must visit the best dental clinic nearby and get treatment from a dental expert if you observe the pattern in the pain.

These toothache patterns will include pain lasting for the whole day, you get toothache frequently within a few days, the toothache due to periodontal problems, etc.

So, these are some things to do when the toothache strikes. However, visiting the best dental clinic nearby is one of the most reliable solutions to get long-term solutions. Maintaining good dental hygiene is a better way for toothache prevention.

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  • Dr. Preethi Nagarajan Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Many experts suggest gum problems like sore or inflamed gums can be treated by visiting the best dentist nearby for treatment. It is always better to implement home remedies for treating along with maintaining proper prevention."

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