What Should You Eat After a Root Canal?

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Root Canal Treatment

When a dentist notices that the tooth is getting severely infected, they recommend the patient with root canal treatment. According to the dentist if the decayed tooth is not saved or protected it may cause pain, swelling on the face and gums, and eventually lead to discolouration of the tooth.


In the process of saving the tooth and curing it, the dentist will remove the infected nerve or the pulp to clear the space from the infection and replace the area by using a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. Later, the roots of the tooth will be covered with a dental filling or a crown.


But, treatment of the root canal is not enough. Post-treatment procedure and following daycare must be observed to ensure the protection of the tooth by only maintaining the best diet that won’t damage or cause pain or tooth sensitivity.

What food to eat after a Root Canal?

It is necessary to know what food after root canal treatment should be eaten! Soft diet food is highly recommended and the best choice of food after root canal treatment. It avoids irritation in a sensitive area where more pain can be felt.


It is suggested by the dentist until the local injection anaesthetic is not worn off, eating of food should be avoided. Here are some recommendations of soft diet that can be followed during the recovering period of the root canal treatment. Soft food after root canal treatment are :


  • Oatmeal, cream of wheat made with milk that provides more nutrients
  • Vegetable soup, either pureed or containing boiled vegetables that can be easily chewed.
  • scrambled eggs or an omelette
  • Mashed bananas
  • Avocado or tofu
  • Pasta or other kinds of noodles.

what not to eat after root canal treatment

What food after a Root canal treatment should not be eaten?

Avoid hard and sticky food after root canal treatment, as it may weaken the crown and can pull them off. This may create a restoration. chewing sticky foods can dislodge a temporary crown and hard substances like ice- cream can break down or crack the permanent crown.


Even after the treatment, if your tooth still has nerves in the tooth, it may cause sensitivity, it is necessary to keep the food and drinks at a mild temperature.


Here are some foods to avoid after root canal treatment.

  • Gum and candy, as these are sticky substance food and can displace the crown
  • Hard candies, which could crack down your new restoration
  • Ice cubes, which may cause sensitivity in your tooth and be too hard and too cold for a restored tooth
  • Hot soup, as the temperature of it could cause discomfort and sensitivity to the tooth.
  • Overly cold or hot beverages, which can cause sensitivity around your restored tooth.

Root Canal Treatment Aftercare

Sensitivity after root canal treatment can be experienced for several days, but it can be avoided by following the proper guidance of the dentist. If your gums are soft, the dentist might recommend you with extra dose painkiller medication or rinse the mouth with warm water.


Make brushing and flossing your proper habit that has to follow at least twice a day. While flossing, do it carefully around the restored teeth. It is quite natural that little discomfort and inconvenience may be observed or felt after the treatment for a few days. It is necessary to take care of the filling or crown.


In such a case, the dentist will give a proper guideline of eating food after root canal treatment. Make sure you don’t put an excess of pressure on the tooth or else it can cause damage to the tooth.


Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "The healing period of the root canal treatment is not fun, it is a critical situation where everything has to be followed properly to protect your teeth from sensitivity. Hence, eating smooth food will give minimal pain.”

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