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Every year millions of people in the world are affected by diabetes. You may be aware that diabetes affects kidney, eyes, heart, and also lead to nerve problems. But, did you know that diabetes affects teeth also? Yes, it badly affects oral health. Hence, it becomes necessary to maintain good oral health. Here, are some reasons that caused due to diabetes and teeth problems.

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  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “When you feel the symptoms is not curing with the home remedies, it is best to consult your dentist. He will assist you with the further steps of the treatment.”

Diabetes affects teeth is commonly associated with:

diabetes affect oral health

  • Periodontal (gum) disease : Diabetes problems highly affect the gums of the teeth that can lead to poor health of the gums causing periodontal disease. The infection is impaired and the wound takes time to heal. Hence, prior precaution is to be taken if you’re a diabetes patient. The precaution of maintaining oral health may include brushing and proper cleaning of teeth that helps to remove bacteria and plaque that is deposited on the teeth. In a case, due to poor maintenance of the teeth, it will lead to pulling of the gums away from the socket causing gum infection. When the plaque that is deposited gets hard it spoils the strength of the gums.
    If the infection of the gums is left untreated it can cause a breakdown of the teeth, that will result in tooth loss. If glucose is not in control, especially in diabetes, the will be a drastic increase in the infection that will be an open space for the bacteria to enter. It will lower the ability to fight against the germs and hence, it will lead to gum infection. The article actually explains how severe it is for a diabetes patient to fight against the periodontal disease.
    When the gums get lose or weak it gives an open entry for the food particles to trap. It eventually results in gums disease as it is tuff for a brush to reach the gaps. Such trapped food particles can be removed easily from professional cleaning by the dentist.

Diabetes and teeth problem

  • Tooth decay: During diabetes, it is necessary to take proper precautions and proper control towards health, and if proper care is not taken or given, high sugar in saliva will give entrance to bacteria to thrive. These bacteria, during the presence of high sugar, produces acidic elements which lead to the weakening of enamel, causing cavity to form.

Diabetes & teeth problem

  • Salivary gland dysfunctionDue to less saliva production and dry mouth increases the risk of weakening of the enamel and teeth that may cause or form cavities and lead to tooth loss or decay.


  • Fungal infectionsimproper care of oral health may contain various infections like fungi, viruses, and bacteria that can badly affect the other parts of the body. In some cases, these aspects of fungi, viruses, and bacteria are considered to be good. But, people who are diagnosed with diabetes and wear dentures are mostly prone to have a fungal infection in the mouth that is technically called candidiasis. In other people, the fungal infection is detected in people who are daily smokers and people are highly on antibiotic treatment. To remove the fungal infection medication is prescribed by your dentist to heal the problem. It will also lead to maintaining good oral health. For that, it is important to maintain a routine checkup at a dental clinic. Their medication and treatment will give proper results.

diabetes teeth

  • Good oral hygiene for diabeticsApart from visiting the dental clinic, it is your responsibility to maintain oral hygiene by following the daily dental routine at home. It is necessary to floss your teeth every day, rinse your mouth using a mouthwash, brush your teeth with an anti-plaque toothpaste at least twice a day. If you are a diabetes patient it is necessary to get proper treatment and precaution to avoid oral diseases.


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