Epilepsy and oral health

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At the point when you consider epilepsy and oral health, you most likely consider seizures. The sign of this issue, it’s seizures that regularly make the requirement for an epileptic to see a dental specialist more frequently than most.


Be that as it may, both the turmoil and its treatment can make great oral wellbeing or a standard visit to the dental specialist a test. All things being equal, individuals with epilepsy can, and should, see the dental specialist all the time.

What is epilepsy?

The Clinic portrays epilepsy and oral health as a sensory system issue that causes times of anomalous action in the mind. This can influence any procedure your cerebrum controls, bringing about seizures or changes in conduct or mindfulness.


Epilepsy can run in families, and different causes incorporate head injury and mind tumors. In grown-ups over age 35, stroke is a main source of epilepsy and oral health. Likewise, maladies, for example, meningitis, AIDS and viral encephalitis can likewise trigger this issue, as can wounds before birth or other formative issues.


In spite of these known causes, the University of Washington School of Dentistry reports that the specific reason for epilepsy is obscure in 75% of the individuals determined to have this condition.


While it can influence the two guys and females with everything being equal and ethnic foundations, epilepsy is seen in under 1% of the populace and happens all the more frequently in men.

Epilepsy and Oral Health

The spasms regularly connected with epileptic seizures can cause a bunch of dental issues including:

  • Stays quiet or cheek from snapping teeth
  • Chipped or split teeth
  • Removal of a tooth from the attachment
  • Injury prompted TMJ circle separation
  • Broken jaw

The Link Between Epilepsy and Oral Health

At the point when epileptics go into seizure, they are in danger of harming their teeth. In what manner or capacity? Seizures regularly cause epileptics to pound and snap their teeth. This can result in chipped or broke teeth.


In extreme occurrences, this can make a tooth extricate or remove from its attachment. It might likewise prompt a cracked jaw or TMJ plate uprooting.


Sadly, some enemies of seizure drugs can likewise cause reactions that sway dental wellbeing, including reduced nutrient D ingestion, which influences teeth remineralization. Another symptom is congested gums, which expands plaque development

Epilepsy and oral health

Lamentably, a significant number of the prescriptions used to manage seizures can cause other oral medical issues, for example, draining gums, congested gums (gingival hyperplasia) and in any event, growing of the tongue and ulcerations because of a B-12 inadequacy.


These equivalent medications can likewise affect ingestion of nutrient D, a mineral that fortifies teeth and bones.

The most ideal approach to battle these issues is rehearsing incredible oral cleanliness, including customary visits to the dental specialist.

Making Dental Visits Easier

Keep a day by day standard as would be expected as could be expected under the circumstances and timetable arrangements around likely known occasions/conditions for seizures. On the off chance that you are supportive, use eye covers, ear plugs or potentially delicate music at your arrangement.


Ensure your dental specialist and hygienist know about your epilepsy. Make a point to tell them what meds you are taking and on the off chance that you have had issues with sedation previously.


Notwithstanding any meds you are taking, you might need to consider enlightening your supplier concerning your seizure type, recurrence and triggers. Telling your supplier however much data as could be expected before your arrangement can help guarantee a sheltered and agreeable visit.


In the event that any expert in a dental office isn’t touchy to your requirements or isn’t eager to work with you, at that point pick another supplier.


Studies have demonstrated that epileptic patients will in general have additionally missing teeth and are less inclined to get them supplanted. Nonetheless, as long as your human services experts concur, it is commonly gainful to get your missing teeth supplanted.


In the event that false teeth, inserts or oral medical procedure is being done, ensure your primary care physician knows all medication corporations and utilizes materials ready to withstand the force and recurrence of seizures.

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  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Epilepsy is a common symptom of an underlying neurological disorder."

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