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With the growing amount of the packaged food available in the market, people are generally tempted to serve them due to their taste, advertising and attractive packaging. The major here lies in without getting proper knowledge of what nutrients they possess or failure to have a glance about their nutritional information gets us into trouble. One of the worst enemies in these packaged foods are trans-fat which cause many heart related diseases.
Otherwise too, Indian calendar is full of festivals and these festivals are always celebrated by sweets and sugary foods. In this, oral health care is comprised. People must take a note of how to manage this sudden influx of such a huge amount of sugary food even if they are eaten for a day in a whole year. There are some facts which you may don’t know, and Sabka Dentist would like to enlighten you with some. It is an oral health guide which will help you maintain healthy teeth and gums.
Oral health care is especially important for kids and parents must make them aware of these oral health guides which they too can share with their friends.
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  • Lime sweets and aerated drinks/beverages: Do you know the amount of time for which your teeth are under severe stress when you serve on some sugary food? To your surprise, it’s completely an hour. Imagine 60 minutes of stress to your teeth. This is an alarm bell to those parents who regularly give chocolates or sugary food to their children in the day in the form of treats. Under the age of 5 to 12 years, 33% of them show signs of tooth decay and the major cause attributed is sugar. The number of times you treat them which sugar laced foods must be reduced or restricted only during meals since obvious reasons mentioned above no parent would want their child to face any dental issue.
  • Look for sugar free substitutes: Oral health care is not a responsibility of parents but also the neighborhood where we reside. Often, children are treated with some sugary stuff by our neighbors, so it’s a collective responsibility to avoid giving them such foods frequently. Did you know, there is nothing called a “sweet tooth” when a child is born. They are not born with a sweet tooth. If you’re in this misconception, then please put this on the back burner. If children from an early age, develop a habit or craving for sweets it’s due to their constant consumption of it. So, to avoid this scenario always have a habit to look for or search for sugar free replacements. They are a good alternative and will lead to less damage. Here too, take time to look at the nutritional information behind the pack which is often neglected. Although some children might be stubborn and might not accept the alternative, its mind game so try and trick it while do once give them the treat of conventional sugar.

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  • Sweets as a daily habit is a strict NO: During the developing stage, the child is growing, mentally and even physically and body is in want of nutritious food which will maintain a good immune system in the long term. During their childhood, a wholesome diet of various nutrients is a must and must be a habit. A healthy diet is considered good oral hygiene! The gum disease can be prevented if a child regularly has an intake of proper vitamins, fresh vegetables and fruits, proteins, etc. this will help to keep gum disease at bay even in later stages of life. The discipline must be maintained and one of them is no sugar before an hour of bedtime. Sugar is the biggest antagonist and will directly attack your upper surface called enamel.

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  • Avoid brushing your teeth directly after eating and it’s more damaging since the weakened surface is brushed away: The enamel is the hardest part of your body and it is made of minerals. Did you know: Saliva acts as a natural defense against any acid attack on your teeth. When you eat your food, the enamel loses the minerals and generally the time period required to restore all the minerals is about an hour. Yes, the replacement of those minerals takes place in about an hour so now you know why you’re not supposed to brush teeth right away after eating. You may psychologically think it will prevent the sugar from settling onto your teeth or it makes sense but, in this process, or due to this misinformation you are doing a far greater damage to your teeth. To maintain oral health care, it’s like a prescription to brush twice a day containing fluoride toothpaste. In oral health and preventive dentistry, visit to a dentist every six months is a must and must be like a ritual. This will help you to prevent further dental issues and especially inculcate a good habit in your children.

Sabka Dentist has tried its best to provide you with an oral health guide and oral health care do’s and don’ts. Oral health care is very important as preventive is always better than cure. Dental and oral health is taken much more seriously, and Sabka Dentist would like to change this nature of attitude by initiating this oral health guide.
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  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Oral health care and oral health guide is a must in today’s world to stay away from infections.”
  • Dr. Reena Waghela Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Oral health care and preventive dentistry are new ways to tackle many dental issues in the long run.”
  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Practicing good oral care and hygiene is a prerequisite for all especially the children.”
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