It is correctly said by somebody that the mouth is the window for the health of the body. Many of the diseases become more apparent through the mouth. So, maintaining good dental health is one of the important things for any human. A lot of individuals today face one or the other dental problems and […]

It is correctly said by somebody that the mouth is the window for the health of the body. Many of the diseases become more apparent through the mouth. So, maintaining good dental health is one of the important things for any human. A lot of individuals today face one or the other dental problems and they go through a lot of pain during the dental problem phase. 

The human mouth has somewhere more than 500 unique sorts of bacteria and on the off chance that they are not controlled, you chance harming your framework. To keep up a solid grin, oral human services are of foremost significance. You improve your breath and feel decent as well as diminish the danger of creating gum malady, oral disease, tooth affectability, mouth injuries, holes, dry mouth, and tongue microorganisms just to give some examples.

A significant number of the food you eat causes the microscopic organisms in your mouth to create acids. Sugary nourishments are evident wellsprings of plaque, however, there are others that you probably won’t understand can cause hurt. Starches, for example, bread, wafers, and grain-additionally cause acids to frame. The dental plaque made from microscopic organisms additionally delivers substances that disturb the gums, making them red, delicate, and defenseless to dying. This can prompt gum malady, in which gums pull away from the teeth and structure pockets that load up with microorganisms and discharge. So, taking care of your oral health is of utmost importance. Just by following the proper techniques of Oral Health maintenance, you can maintain good Oral Health.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Reena Waghela Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "It is very necessary to maintain good dental health for eating most of the food items. Just following the simple ways of maintaining oral hygiene can help you to achieve improved dental health.”

Here are some of the 5 ways of maintaining oral hygiene:

1. Regular Brushing

Regular brushing of the teeth is the primary way to maintain good oral hygiene. Here, you must regularly brush your teeth twice in a day, one after waking up in the morning and second before going to sleep at the night. The toothbrush you use should have soft bristles that can avoid the gum damage and teeth scrubbing. While you are brushing your teeth, you should also scrub your tongue along with the teeth scrubbing. This will help to remove the bacteria which settle on your tongue. One must also take care that while you are brushing, you should hold the brush in a 45-degree angle for the brush and make sure that do the circular motion of the brushing activity. After you finish with brushing, end it with rinsing your mouth thoroughly with clean water. This is the simplest technique for maintaining good oral hygiene which should be followed regularly.

2. Floss properly

Although brushing is very important for maintaining good dental health, it does not remove all the food particles from your teeth. Here, flossing plays an important role in removing all the small food particles from the teeth. Normal brushing cannot reach all the parts inside your mouth, so flossing with thorough gargling by clean water becomes very important. It removes all the tiny food particles from the mouth

3. Minimize the smoking, tobacco, soda and sugar intake

Smoking is not good for oral health, it deteriorates the teeth at a much faster rate. Tobacco intake increases the plaque level in the teeth and weakens the teeth to a great level. Drinking cold drinks that are packed with the soda may be fun. However, it causes more damage to your teeth. Citric acid and Phosphoric acid present in the soda gets settled on the teeth and causes cavities over a certain period. In summer days, you can switch to the cool fruit juices to feel cool. Another ingredient that causes damage to your teeth is the sugar content in your food items. Crushed berries and sliced citrus causes other problems in the teeth. Before eating any of the food items, ensure the sugar level in the food thoroughly as a precautionary measure.

4. Regular Dental Check-Ups

For better oral health, become a close acquaintance with an expert dental specialist. Paying normal visits to this expert guarantees that any dental affectations can be distinguished and corrected at the beginning time. As indicated by oral human services experts, you have to visit your dental specialist, in any event, two times every year. If there should be an occurrence of any wounds or peculiar arrangements in your mouth don’t stop for a second to consult your dental specialist. Moreover, you remain to benefit from increasingly oral medicinal services strategies. Ensure that you are in steady correspondence with your dental specialist so you can get satisfactory clinical consideration if there should be an occurrence of any inconveniences. This will be very beneficial to treat all the unnecessary things in your mouth as well as maintain good oral health for a longer duration.

5. Intake of food which is nice for oral health

There are some of the foods which can help to maintain the teeth strong and improve oral health. Some of these food items are:

  • Milk and milk products:-

    Milk is always better for maintaining good dental health. It has a good quantity of calcium and phosphates. Also, milk products like cheese are good for teeth and help to rebuild the tooth enamel at a faster rate.

  • Vegetable and fiber-rich fruits:-

    Fiber-rich foods are very good for maintaining the teeth and gum condition healthy. They are also good defensive agents against gum diseases and cavity related problems. They accelerate the saliva creation process which has some amount of calcium and phosphate making it easier to improve the teeth. The fiber-rich food items help to restore the mineral which is lost due to bacterial acids.

  • Black and Green tea

    Black and Green tea has nice polyphenols contained in it which can prevent the plaque bacteria inside the mouth. They control the multiplying of bacteria and remove the bacteria.

  • Fluoride rich food items

    The products with the fluoridated water are helpful in removing the plaque from the teeth. Usually, items like dehydrated soups, powdered juices have a very nice fluoride content in it. Some of the food like seafood, poultry products, and powdered cereals are very good in fluoride content in it.

These are some of the 5 ways of maintaining oral hygiene properly. These ways do not take much effort, just following some of the simple techniques can be very instrumental in achieving nice dental health. Oral health is very important to enjoy eating food. It is your own responsibility to follow these minor things to improve dental health.



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