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With the growing level of complex lifestyles people have become immensely susceptible to more health issues. A stitch in time saves nine describes the best way to avoid one. A proper stitch in time is prevention which will help you to save the various amounts of your resources financially, mentally, and physically.

It is always justifiably said, “Prevention is better than cure”. Time and again it has been proven true and in dentistry, prevention is the first key to maintaining strong oral health. A regular dental checkup is an integral part of prevention in dental care. They help you to gauge your risks to oral care and in time take precautions to avoid any major problem.

Routine dental checkup is a must for all age groups ranging from children to adults. Especially children must be always taught the importance of regular dental checkups as they are more vulnerable to many dental problems as they serve many harmful foods.

At the same time, a major role in maintaining good oral hygiene and healthy gums is of dentists. Dentists usually recommend that every six months a visit to a dentist is a must for a regular dental checkup.

So, if you’re thinking that it’s normal not to have a regular dental checkup or are in the mood to cancel the routine dental checkup then to your dismay, do consider the perils you’re inviting yourself!

Some major reasons as to why regular dental checkups are important:

  • PREMATURE DIAGNOSIS: It will help you and your dentist to nip the bud in time thereby avoiding the longer treatment and early success of your dental issues. It has long-term benefits ranging from price efficiency, free of trauma, and less excruciating.
  • PREVENT COMPLEX TREATMENT: Detection of oral cancer in a later stage is very unfortunate as it then requires a complicated treatment for it’s a mushrooming disease. The signs and symptoms of the disease are easier to detect at an early stage and begin the treatment instantly thereby helping to save your life.
  • HEALTHY GUMS AND BONE: Oral health comprises not only healthy teeth but also strong gums and bones. So, to burst your myth you must take into account the latter two also and don’t neglect them. Periodontal Disease can be avoided by a routine dental checkup as gums and bones are like anchors which hold our teeth firmly together. It also helps to prevent bone loss which can be achieved with the help of a high-tech X-ray.
  • REGULATING BAD HABITS: Some of the habits are a result of involuntarily developed which may cause dental issues for instance brushing teeth too hard or compressing your teeth. These habits are developed and due to our lack of knowledge, we are also unaware of the fact that they may be harmful to our oral health. At this juncture, dentists are a guiding force and will help you to limit those troubling habits.
  • PROPER GUIDANCE: In this age of misinformation, when we encounter some dental problem people have the habit of assuming many things and doing things based on those assumptions, but this could lead you to run into trouble. So, a dentist is trained and has expertise in dentistry, and the dentist will guide you with proper knowledge and address the issue properly.
  • HELP TREAT SLEEP APNEA: If you face an issue in breathing and if you stop breathing repeatedly for smaller intervals at night then this condition is called Sleep Apnea. The dentists can help you to have a good sleep. Due to this condition, people are at a greater risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stroke, etc. Regular dental checkup is one way to treat sleep apnea.
  • AESTHETIC SIGNIFICANCE: It’s natural to love to have a perfect teeth crown and of course a smile which is of paramount importance in our life. Dentists will assist you in having a picture-perfect smile. Many treatments are specifically developed for it like bleaching, veneers, vampire lifts, orthodontic treatment, etc. which provide you with a flawless smile.

The practice of maintaining oral hygiene must be incorporated into your daily lifestyle and the lax nature of not taking care must be changed for better results in the long run. Even to set a good example for your child if you have one, you must expose them to good health practices which are ultimately leading to a good life.

So, think twice if you’re planning to rescind your regular dental checkup as they are a gateway to maintaining a good quality and finest oral health. Ponder upon the points as to why regular dental checkups are important and then decide upon the significance of it.

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Expert Opinion

  • Dr. Priyanka Shingore Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Regular dental checkups are a no cost perfect treatment to have good oral health.”
  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “People generally tend to neglect the high importance of routine dental checkup because of their “its okay” attitude which at the end cost them exceedingly.”
  • Dr. Zita Antao Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “The best treatment to avoid all dental issues is a regular dental checkup accompanied with discipline of oral care.”


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