An Overview of Dental Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth

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When there are missing teeth, it becomes very problematic for a person in various ways. A person can lose the tooth due to several reasons like tooth decay that causes falling of tooth or removal of the tooth. The loss of the tooth can also cause problems like injury or gum disease. However, there are several alternative solutions for the missing tooth through dental treatments. Here, we will look more particularly at the Dental bridges as the solution for the missing tooth.

Why is it important to replace missing teeth?

It affects the nearby teeth that cause them to shift in the place of the missing tooth leading to the gap between the teeth. This affects your smile adversely and hampers the beauty of the smile. Another problem it creates is while chewing the food.

What are dental bridges?

The dental bridge is an alternate appliance that is placed at the location of the missing tooth or missing teeth. They properly fit in the open space that had occurred due to a missing tooth. They serve the purpose of the original tooth aesthetically and restore the appearance of the teeth.

What are different types of bridges available?

A person can have different options for selecting any type of dental bridge.

Some main types of dental bridges:

1. Cantilever bridges Cantilever bridges

When there is the existence of the teeth on a single side of the missing tooth, the cantilever bridge solution is used. They are made majorly with porcelain which is fused with the metal. These types of bridges are more suitable for restoring the front teeth aesthetically. Cantilever bridges are not suitable for molar teeth due to their larger size.

2. Traditional bridges

Traditional bridges involve the creation of the crown for the tooth on both sides of the missing tooth. These are one of the most commonly used bridges for many years. These bridges have one artificial tooth called a pontic which is held on each side. These bridges are strong, durable, and last for a longer duration. Traditional bridges can be used properly on the molars and premolars.

3. Maryland bonded bridges Maryland bonded bridges

Maryland bonded bridges are made of porcelain along with metal or plastic teeth. The porcelain framework or metal is used to support the gums. The existing teeth are bonded with the porcelain or metal wings. These bridges have the color same as that of the natural teeth. Compared to the other bridges, Maryland bonded bridges require lesser structuring of the neighbouring teeth.

4. Bridges with implant-support

These bridges are supported totally with the help of dental implants. These types of bridges restore the back teeth like the molars and premolars. These bridges are suitable for patients who have more missing teeth.

These are some of the different types of dental bridges to replace missing teeth. Bridges are essential to replace the missing teeth.

What are the benefits of dental bridges?

1. Restoring the normal speaking

As missing teeth impact the normal speaking of the individual, dental bridges can restore the normal speaking. A person can feel comfortable while speaking with the dental bridges.

2. Improves the chewing ability

A missing tooth causes a lot of problems while food is chewed. However, dental bridges can improve the ability to chew the food properly. A person can never feel any pain or problem while chewing the food with the dental bridges on.

3. Maintains facial structure

A missing tooth causes problems like bone loss from the jaw. It slowly starts distorting the facial structure of the individual. Dental bridges can replace the missing tooth which helps in maintaining the facial structure of the individual.

4. Equal distribution of biting force

A missing tooth causes unequal distribution of the biting force for the individual while chewing food. However, dental bridges can distribute the biting force in the mouth properly. It can make the person feel more comfortable while chewing the food.

5. Prevents adjacent teeth from moving

A missing tooth causes the adjacent teeth to move in the direction of the empty space. However, putting the solution like dental bridges can help to prevent the teeth from moving it to other directions.

6. Improves the oral health

Missing teeth can be the reason for a lot of oral problems, As dental bridges are the solution for the missing tooth, they help in avoiding other oral issues. It improves the overall oral health of the individual.

7. Improves the smile

A missing tooth does not give a beautiful smile, making the face look dull. However, dental bridges can replace the missing tooth to give a very beautiful look for the smile.


These are some benefits of dental bridge solutions for the missing tooth problem. The type of dental bridge used will depend more on the suitability of the dental condition and budget. After dental bridge treatment, a person must follow some precautions for a few days. Dental bridges help to provide complete stability in the area of the missing tooth nicely.

Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "It is important for any individual to have a proper solution for the missing tooth problem. Dental experts suggest bridges as one of the reliable solutions for this. Depending on suitability and cost, a person can choose any option. A dental bridge has many benefits for the overall oral health of a person."

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