Why are dental crowns necessary after root canal treatment?

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You might have heard about the root canal treatment followed by the dental crown on it. Many people probably might be aware of this treatment. Well, a root canal treatment is done when there is more infection in the tooth due to decay or injury. 


Root canal treatment helps to avoid tooth removal and save the tooth in position. After the root canal procedure, the tooth becomes free from infection and a dental crown is put outside the tooth. It then becomes easier for eating food like the normal tooth.

What are the steps involved in root canal treatment? root-canal-treatment

A procedure like root canal treatment involves multiple visits to the dentist. The dentist will initially assess the tooth condition and then make proper appointment schedules. If some infection is noticed in the tooth then antibiotics might be suggested by the dentist. Local anesthetic is generally given by the dentist while starting the root canal treatment.


Some of the general steps for root canal treatment procedure are as follows:

  • The dentist will initially take an X-ray to understand the condition of the tooth and other aspects.
  • A local anesthetic is then given in most cases to numb the region around the tooth. It will minimize the pain caused during the root canal treatment process.
  • A smaller hole is drilled from the upper surface of the tooth. It removes the infected tissues and nerves by using different dental instruments. This process is also called the cleaning pulp of the tooth.
  • The removal of the infected tissues and nerves can take multiple visits to the dentist. After completion of the removal it infects nerves and tissues, the dentist will again take an X-ray to ensure proper cleaning.
  • After completion of the tooth cleaning, the area is cleaned and filled with the proper material, and sealed from the top.

These are some of the general steps followed during the root canal treatment process. It will take some duration for healing and then a dental crown is recommended to put on the tooth surface.

Is a root canal done in one day?

In earlier days, root canal treatment would need multiple visits to the dentist. However, now the root canal treatment is even possible in a single day. Here, all the cleaning of the infected portion of the tooth is done in one day.

Why are dental crowns necessary after root canal treatment? dental crown

A dental crown basically protects the tooth from any external damage after the root canal treatment.

Here are some reasons responsible for putting dental crowns after root canal treatment:

1. Decrease the sensitivity level

After the completion of the root canal treatment, there is some level of hypersensitivity in the tooth. This can be felt more while eating any cold, hot, or sweet object. A dental cover can help to minimize the sensitivity level in the tooth properly.

2. Protect from damage

A tooth becomes weak to some extent after the root canal therapy that may cause damage to the tooth. In this condition, regular exposure to chewing and drinking can cause more damage to the tooth. It can cause chips and fractures in the tooth. A dental crown can protect the tooth from further damage of the tooth.

3. Maintain the appearance

In some cases, the color of the tooth changes after the root canal treatment. This might affect the aesthetic look of the whole teeth set while smiling. Now dental cover with ceramic type comes with hecolor of the tooth that can match properly with other neighboring teeth.

4. Avoid any infection

There are chances of any infection to the tooth after the completion of the root canal treatment. Here, the dental crown can protect the tooth from further infection.

5. Provide security

In most cases of root canal therapy, the tooth has a background of the cavity in it. A dental filling can help to avoid any further cavity development of the tooth. Thus it provides the desired security for the tooth.

These are some of the main reasons for putting the dental crowns after the root canal treatment. A dental crown is commonly used by most people after root canal treatment.

What is better, a root canal or tooth extraction?

Generally, avoiding tooth extraction is always recommended. A tooth extraction creates empty space in the area, it causes other teeth to move in that direction that ultimately creates a gap between teeth, it creates problems while chewing the food, it also does not give an aesthetic look for the teeth set, etc. A root canal treatment here is more important and saves the tooth. It also removes infected nerves that keep the teeth in better condition.


Dental crowns are one of the effective ways of protecting the tooth from further damage. They ensure the tooth is in a good condition for a longer duration.

Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "A root canal treatment is very essential to protect the infected tooth from damage. Dental experts suggest putting dental crowns after the root canal treatment. There are different types of dental crowns chosen for patients. They will protect the tooth from further damage after root canal treatment."

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