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Your smile is one of your important assets that can add more charm to your personality. Smile also helps to minimize the stress level and keep you going in your life very confidently. However, some of the oral health issues like misalignment of teeth, improper jaw, teeth crowding, and other Orthodontic issues may deter some people from smiling. Here, these people having Orthodontic problems, they either tend to smile by covering their mouth or avoid the smile at all. However, this is not what you deserve.

The Orthodontic treatment has made it possible for making your teeth in proper alignment. The treatment like traditional metal braces has given solution to some of the complex conditions too. You must visit the concerned expert Orthodontist who will first do a proper assessment of the teeth structure and do the necessary treatment. After assessing the situation, the Orthodontist will provide you with the options for the possible solution. Depending on the suitability, cost-effectiveness, and your choice, you can choose the necessary option for the Orthodontic treatment. Generally, there are four treatment options: 1. Metal braces, 2. Ceramic braces, 3. Lingual braces, 4. SDalign braces.

We will shortly look at all these treatments in a little detail here:

1. Metal braces



metal braces


The traditional metal braces are one of the old methods that have been used effectively for Orthodontic treatment. Here, the metal brackets are tied with the wires and put on the front side of the teeth. Appropriate pressure is put on the teeth where it can move in a proper position to get into the desired place. This treatment has a very good track of giving some of the better treatment results. In metal braces, it is not possible to remove the braces and they are easily visible for the third person. Metal braces are the most cost-effective treatment.

2. Ceramic braces

The Ceramic treatment works in the same way as the traditional metal braces. They are put on the front side of the teeth. However, the Ceramic braces are made of the color the same as that of the teeth which makes it difficult for the third person to notice the braces. Due to its non-visibility, many of the people have opted for this treatment. Like metal braces, these Ceramic braces too are not removable and they need to keep in the same place. Compared to metal braces, Ceramic braces have more cost.

3. Lingual braces



Lingual braces


The Lingual braces are put from the inside region of the teeth. As it is put from behind the teeth, they are not visible for the third person. They exert the necessary pressure on the concerned teeth from inside. Here, the patient generally feels uncomfortable initially due to its constant rubbing to the tongue from inside. Compared to metal and ceramic braces, the Lingual braces are the most costly.

4. SDalign



sd align


SDalign in the real sense the aligners that are custom made for the teeth alignment treatment. These are now popularly used by the people because it is not easily visible due to its resemblance to teeth color and it being easily removable. Compared to other treatment processes, SDalign are a little costly due to advanced technologies used here.

As per the suitability, you can choose either of the options for the Orthodontic treatment. You can surely get that improvement in the smile by getting proper treatment.

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  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "When you have misaligned teeth or jaw, it easily distorts your smile. Orthodontic treatment is necessary to make the teeth alignment proper. You can choose any of the treatment options. Your Orthodontist will guide you through the treatment for getting a better smile."

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