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Evaluating the Preparation Check your preparation using your silicone putty matrix. Visually inspect your preparation and evaluate your reductions on all the surfaces. Use the evaluation criteria for treatments like crowns and bridges. Below are some guide questions that may be helpful to determine the ‘correctness” of your preparation. You may go back to your preparation if there is a need to modify.

  1. Occlusal Reduction
    • Do you have 1.0 mm occlusal reduction? More? Less?
    • Did you follow the contours of the occlusal surface? Is it flat?
  2. Buccal and Lingual Reductions
    • Is there an undercut left/ created?
    • Do you have 3 degrees taper on each surface? More? Less?
    • Do you have the second plane on your buccal surface?
  3. Proximal Reduction
    • Did you eliminate the contact with the adjacent teeth?
    • Do you have sufficient occlusal convergence?
  4. Functional Cusp Bevel
    • Did you provide an additional 0.5 mm reduction on the functional cusp?
    • Is it located in the area where functional loading occur?
  5. Margin Preparation
    • Do you have a 0.5 mm chamfer margin configuration?
    • Is located 0.5 mm above the margin of the gingiva and following its contour?
  6. Finishing the preparation
    • Is your preparation smooth and devoid of irregularities?
    • Is your margin well-defined and smooth

Crown & bridges


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