6 important tips for communicating with your patients

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#1: Use their name
It’s always polite and personal to call someone by name. Good communication is also about building a relationship. No one has relationships with people they don’t know by name, do they?

#2: Patient-friendly language
Patients didn’t attend dental school and they shouldn’t have to use Google to translate what is being said. Keep your words “patient-friendly” if you want them to understand what you are saying.

#3: Slow down
You may be in a hurry to get your next patient or start dental treatment, but remember that the patient in the chair is not used to being in the dental office. You may love coming to the dental office every day, but you don’t hear patients saying, “I just love being here and having dental work done!” They may love you but probably don’t enjoy the work being done on them.

#4: Always make eye contact
Your eyes will never lie. Always make good eye contact with the patient when you speak to them. If you are looking away, it shows a lack of interest which says, “this isn’t important.”

#5 Be aware of your tone
Being overly bombastic can cause someone to be even more nervous, whether their body language is representing it or not. Remember that there are also people around that can hear your conversation while you speak with your patient It’s important to think about your tone, word choice, and volume when talking with a patient.

#6: Use visual aids
When you are speaking with patients using visual aids like the Pitch document, teeth models can clarify many of their questions and streamline communication.

We are a critical part to practice success and patient health. Take the time to work on your communication and set yourself up for success!

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