Why Dental Check-ups Are So Important

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Feeling the urge to skip the routine dental checkup by propping up any silly excuse, then probably you’re inviting trouble! Yes, dental check-ups are as important as other routine check-ups of your body.

If you’re concerned about your oral health, then you are definitely well informed about the benefits of regular dental check-ups and know the importance of regular dental checkups every six months.

Dentists have come across many situations where people keep wondering why to visit the dentist every six months although having no dental issues, they have faced this question many times in their profession. A lot of individuals skip their regular dental check-up due to want of time or cost and fear also.


If you’re planning to dodge your dental check-up, read below risks involved and decide with a peace of mind.

  1. Detection of Oral Cancer -The name cancer itself is deadly and you are well aware of consequences of different forms of cancer. Oral cancer is also a serious condition and to your surprise your dentist is well equipped to notice the early signs of it since you cannot see the abnormalities occurring in your mouth as you are not an expert in it. Detection of oral cancer is one of the best benefits of the regular dental check-ups.
  2. Detect cavities, plaque and tartar -There are some areas in your mouth which will be missed although with a regular discipline of twice brushing and flossing your teeth. These areas can be a host to developing plaque which will further solidify and turn into tartar. Now, this tartar cannot be an easy task for yourself to remove and it requires only a professional cleaning.
    The benefits of regular dental check-ups are that you cannot avoid this plaque getting built up, avoid eroding of teeth and holes being created called cavities. You will not notice any symptoms of cavities being developed, just a toothache and the damage will be done. To undo this damage, its not an easy task and you will have to visit the dentist for the treatment. You can be free of all these hassles just from regular dental check-ups.
  3. Avoid Periodontal disease/Gum disease -The health of the gums can also be deteriorated due to plaque and tartar. The gums will be pulled away from the tooth due to the infection which is caused by the tartar. The medical term for it is gingivitis and it causes harm to tissues of the gums, cluttering them. This leads to further complications like soreness, swelling or even bleeding in the mouth. The condition can also cause the disruption of the bone that anchors the teeth in place.
    So, to keep infections in check, regular dental check-ups will help to avoid gingivitis too.
  4. Limit the Bad Habits -Some of the bad habits have an adverse effect on your oral health which you may not be known to like brushing too hard, eating hard sugary laced foods, chewing ice, grinding your teeth, drinking red wine or coffee and obviously smoking too. Regular dental check-ups will help you since your dentist will be able to see the damage caused by these bad habits and warn you to nip the bud in time while helping you to change your lifestyle for a better oral health.
  5. Diagnose problems under the internal surface by X-Rays -One of the most important benefits of regular dental check-up is getting your teeth along with jawbone x-rayed. This helps to detect problems underneath the surface of the gums which are not visible to the naked eye. The stress created by these internal injuries can be viewed only with the X-ray and any bone decay, swelling inside, cysts and tumors can be detected.
  6. Check-up of head, neck, and lymph node -With the above all benefits of regular dental check-up, there is also another advantage which is the dentist will also check your jawline above which rests the neck and the lymph nodes. Any of the abnormalities detected will help the dentist to alert you and take care of the issue well in time. Swelling of the lymph nodes has at times resulted into grave problems like certain types of cancer also. One of many benefits of regular dental check-ups is that it also helps to check your neck and thyroid glands every time. The time required for the dentist to check all this is hardly minimal like a minute almost, but the importance of the regular dental check up is neglected then it can cost you heavily.

A recent survey by Indian Dental Survey reported in Times of India, reveals that 35% of the population suffers from tooth sensitivity but only 20% of them take measures to treat it.


Also, 97% of the respondents agreed that oral health is important for overall well-being, but only 4% visited a dentist for their dental problems. The picture shows the grim reality of oral health in India and further complications being developed which can be completely sidestepped by a simple cost efficient regular dental check-up.

A simple commitment to regular dental check-ups will help you to avoid all the above issues and overall maintain a very good oral health. The cost benefit ratio and benefits of regular dental check-ups is very high and in the long run it will save your money, time and energy and most important a peace of mind prevails.

Sabka Dentist also offers many FREE services including X-Rays too for their patients, so don’t skip the golden opportunity and avail the benefits of regular dental check-ups at almost very minimal cost!

  • Dr. Reena Waghela Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Most amazing part of regular dental check-ups are that it is very cost efficient and helps you to practice preventive health care.”
  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “All the major dental complications can be avoided with the help of regular dental check-up and dentists help you alter your lifestyles too with it for betterment by supporting you to get rid of bad habits.”
  • Dr. Zita Antao Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “The benefits of regular dental check-ups are immense and don’t underestimate its value and don’t skip them, they are a savior to dental problems.”


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