You may be making these five oral hygiene mistakes.

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A good smile makes a day, right? And also everyone you meet in the whole day will delighted to see you So, to maintain the smile and avoid the bad breath, we all know the rules of dental discipline or good oral hygiene that is brushing twice a day, how to brush, flossing and also to keep the sugar at the bay and avoid their too much or excess consumption.

But, do you know all, are you sure or few things are missing? To be precise, yes there are few things which you have missed to jot it down in the rule book of good oral hygiene. Therefore, let’s see them too and be surer to keep our oral health at par.

Below tips are amazing and you can a better oral hygiene without shelling out money or much time and your energy also.

mouth rinsing

  • Spit Don’t Rinse

    Fluoride does wonders in teeth whitening, it’s a magical element to get rid of yellowish teeth. It is also good normally for the teeth. Most of the toothpaste available in the shops or supermarket contain fluoride and its basic function is to give white texture and pearly appearance to your teeth. But people do mistakes here as in they completely rinse or gargle the mouth and all the fluoride is washed away with the water gargled or rinsed. You must avoid these oral hygiene mistakes to let the fluoride do it’s magic and surprise you and people with white pearly teeth always. So, the trick here is that you should not rinse your mouth completely but only spit the excess of toothpaste in your mouth. Such effect will you best results and even after you have finished brushing the effect will stay for a longer duration. Hence, remember Spit don’t rinse!

do not keep toothbrush near toilet

  • Do not keep your toothbrush near the toilet seat

    You always keep your phone at some safe although it might not get infected with any bacteria but still you care a lot for it, so why not your brush and by the way toothbrush is something which you use to keep your teeth neat and clean so the prerequisite is first the toothbrush itself has to be kept at a safe and hygienic place. You must have not thought about this much but dwelling of toothbrush matters. The backdoor is used n number of times in the day by family members and if you keep the toothbrush little near to the toilet seat, then every time anybody flushes, its natural that some sprays will fly out and they can settle down on your toothbrush. Oh no, don’t take us wrong that we are saying that you have been brushing with toothbrush loaded with bacteria but it’s just that to keep the toothbrush at a safe distance from toilet seat. You can keep in the cabinet of the bathroom also, to maintain good hygiene. And to be more sustainable you can even shift to wooden toothbrush!

no sharing of toothbrush

  • Although Sharing is caring but in case terms of toothbrush sharing is a strict no!

    We always been taught right from school days the proverb “sharing is caring” but in toothbrush it does not apply. Please don’t take this advice here practically. Children might do this innocently haha but teach them not to share the toothbrush with anybody means NOBODY! It does not matter in this case that how close you are with family members or friends or anybody, your oral hygiene cannot be so undisciplined in this way, never! You must be the only one who uses your toothbrush, no terms and conditions apply, or any exceptions are allowed. When you brush, its natural the some of the germs will settle on the toothbrush and its very unhygienic to pass them off to the others and also obviously it could cause colds or blood born diseases. Keep your germs and toothbrush exclusively only for you!

brushing after meal

  • Don’t brush right after your meal

    We, Indians love sugary foods, there is no doubt about this and there are times when we drink sugar laced drinks or acidic drinks or ice creams right before we go bed at night and to be smart and become superhero, people brush right after having it but to your surprise you are harming it more in such a situation. Please don’t brush right after meal or any sugar laced drinks because when you do this you might be actually brushing or washing away the fragments of your tooth enamel and enamel is your first shield to any infection on your teeth. This will damage your teeth and cause toothache and increase sensitivity. Brush after an hour or so and mean while enlighten yourself by reading some book, watch your favorite TV show, play with your pet and take them for a walk or do the chores of home which have been putting off from a week you lazy human!

too much brushing

  • “Brushing too much” – such thing exists

    There is a misconception as to people think brushing for a longer time will help them clean the teeth properly but to your knowledge although enamel is the hardest part of your body, it is destructible so if you brush unnecessarily with such misconception, you are doing more harm than cleaning your teeth. So, take it easy on your teeth and chill a bit, don’t go crazy!

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “People need to verify any dental myths from a credible source and be sure before they practice it or incorporate it in their lifestyle.”
  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “An overdose of everything is harmful and similarly maintaining oral hygiene is must but don’t get obsessed and go haywire.”
  • Dr. Zita Antao Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Out of 10 people, every 8 follow wrong habits of maintaining oral hygiene and therefore correct information at the disposal is a must.”


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  • Shaziya

    Very well explained .. the article is easy to understand..

  • Dr.Aanal

    Keeping in mind that as your mouth is entry for many diseases n the aids which keep ur mouth clean should be hygienically maintained n used in a proper way.

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    Must read article , many information may not be known by everyone

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    These are most common habits practiced in day to day life

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    Many people might not known this information thank you for this usefull information

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    Basic mistakes done by people are nicely explained

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    Article is very much helpful to correct daily oral hygiene habits!

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    Ohh..thanks for sharing…small changes in routine habits create a great change

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    People are not aware of these facts. Thank you sabka dentist for letting us know.

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      Very useful article the wrong eating habits must be corrected as early as possible thank you for sharing these fact and evolving the truth among ous all

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    Almost all of us follow wrong oral hygiene habits so this article will prove to be effective

  • Esha

    These wrong habits must be corrected as soon as possible and even all the family members must be educated for this

  • Pooja

    Use fluoride, brush, floss, and rinse daily, if you use tobacco products, quits eat a balanced diet and limit snacking, develop, then follow, a daily oral health routine

  • Reshma Patel

    Loved these amazing facts.used full information must read ?

  • Anjali Jaiswal

    Knowledgeable article, Thank you for sharing such information with us.

  • Keeping in mind that as your mouth is entry for many diseases n the aids which keep ur mouth clean should be hygienically maintained n used in a proper way.

  • Hemali Vora

    Never read such a great article! Informative and useful! Must read !

  • Hemali Vora

    Never read such an amazing informative article regarding oral hygiene facts! Very useful!

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