Braces Treatment in Mumbai

Braces treatments are used for the treatment of problems like teeth misalignment. It sets the teeth properly when people have the problems like twisted teeth, space between teeth, underbite, overbite, or any such problem. The Orthodontist here will assess the teeth position and do proper braces treatment. In Mumbai, you can get an expert Orthodontist for your braces treatment.

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Braces treatment in Mumbai

Have you seen people wearing dental braces? that brings a curiosity about why people wear teeth braces? Because it fixes the problems of misaligned teeth by realigning the set of teeth.


Braces treatment is one of the ways or a treatment for aligning the teeth by giving them the proper position. Wearing Braces not only have oral health benefits but also has the benefit of improving the facial condition. It ensures to enhance the personality by embracing the beautiful smile.


Braces treatment is not a temporary process it works for long -term health of the teeth, gums, and jawbones. It corrects the overall biting process by giving appropriate spacing to the teeth that will reduce the overall strain that is pressurized on the jaw.


There are specialized Dentists in Mumbai, dealing with the cosmetic aspect of correcting the teeth. These experts are braces specialists of Mumbai also known as orthodontists of Mumbai. At Sabka Dentist in Mumbai, We have dealt with more than 30,000 braces treatment.


Why should you have Braces treatment?

braces treatment in Mumbai

At times, crooked or crowded teeth not only affect one’s appearance but also causes overcrowding of the teeth. If the sets of teeth are not given a fixed and appropriate position it may lead to many health disadvantages, and most importantly it will be very difficult to clean your teeth.


To get rid of hustle and bustle situation of over-congested teeth getting braces is the one-stop solution. Braces treatment will help to move your teeth by giving the permanent teeth a congruous position. Sometimes, when the upper teeth cover the lower set of teeth, it can result in an excess of overheating & overbiting.


It may also lead to an accidental incident like a fracture or injury of the teeth or the jaw. Hence, braces appliances like bands, trays will help in putting precise force that will correct the improper point of the teeth.


At Sabka Dentist in Mumbai, along with the pleasant environment and transparency towards the patients, we also aim in giving braces treatment at an affordable price. To avoid the consequences of injury or jaw problem, or overcrowded teeth, wearing braces becomes vital.


Wearing braces have many health benefits to avoid many stressful pain that is caused due to the dental problems mentioned above.


At what age you should have braces treatment?

Age is not necessarily important for wearing braces. what is important here is, if you start noticing crooked teeth, it is more advisable to visit dental clinic during that age itself! Whatever the age is, braces treatment will fix the further risk of dental problems.


For braces treatment in Mumbai, you can rely on our Sabka Dentist Clinics. Our braces specialist in Mumbai, advises to fix the braces at an early stage, only after there are permanent set of teeth. You can get a consultation done by our specialists without any charges and get the correct opinion.


What does Braces treatment in Mumbai involve?

The first and foremost is to have permanent teeth for braces treatment. The braces specialist of Mumbai will execute full dental examination through X-rays and molding plaster models of the teeth.


After the absolute examination, the braces specialist will guide you for the next step and discuss the possibilities for the treatment. Once you are totally satisfied with the guidelines given by the dental experts, the braces specialist will go ahead with the treatment procedure


Will I need to have teeth taken out to make space?

Extracting tooth depends on the condition of the teeth of each individual. Extracting teeth is different for every individual. In some dental incident, permanent teeth are extracted due to overcrowding of the teeth.

In some cases, if an individual has enough space, so the braces specialist will advise to let the set of teeth be there.


How is the Braces treatment in Mumbai carried out?

Braces treatment in Mumbai is the only resolution to correct the misaligned position of the teeth. It performs the function of applying slight pressure on the teeth, that pushes them back or realign them in a proper position. Usually, braces treatment in Mumbai take place in two phases :

  • The active phase— in the active phases of the braces treatment, braces are fixed for alignment of the teeth in a proper position and will correct the biting habit too.
  • The retention phase— In this phase of retention, braces specialist of Mumbai recommends retainers that are used to hold the newly positioned teeth for a longer period of time.

In addition, braces treatment sometimes uses functional appliances that are used to correct the growth of the jaw in young children.


What are the different types of braces available in Mumbai?

There are main 2 categories of braces treatment in Mumbai and they are:

  1. The Visible Treatment: Visible braces treatment is the most affordable treatment to give your teeth a perfect position. Though this treatment takes a long time, but the outcome of it gives the best results. In the visible treatment of Mumbai, there are two types of Visible treatment and they are Metal and ceramic. These are mostly stuck on the outer part of the teeth. There has also been a newer variation and it is Self- ligating available in Both metal and ceramic. The advantage of having self- ligating is that this treatment takes a short duration and gives better oral hygiene results.
  2. Invisible treatment: The Invisible braces Treatment in Mumbai includes-

1) The Lingual Bracket system- Invisible braces treatment is mostly stuck to the inner part of the teeth. These are totally invisible as they are transparent by nature.

2) The Clear Aligners They mostly work as the retainers that are removable. It includes wearing transparent trays throughout the day and be removed while eating and sleeping. It takes 2 weeks to maintain the set. Later, the sets are changed accordingly. Ask your Braces specialist of Mumbai the best option that suits you.


How to take care of Braces after the treatment is done?

The first and the most important routine that has to be followed by every single person who is done with the Dental braces treatment is Brushing carefully, which means that Brushing smoothly and accurately will remove all the debris that is stuck on the teeth.


Braces specialist in Mumbai recommends brushing teeth after every meal to keep the teeth clean and hygiene. There are small dental toothbrushes available at Sabka Dentist in Mumbai, recommended by the dentist called ‘Proxabrush’ which will help to clean all the remaining sticky food on the teeth or around the brackets and elastics.


Try to take care of the overall teeth by avoiding sticky food items or hard substance food that will lead to breaking down the brackets and will have a delay in the treatment time.


What factors affect the Teeth Braces Cost in Mumbai?

For anyone who is based out of Mumbai, you may be wondering what would be the braces price in Mumbai. Prices to get braces will vary dependent on a multitude of aspects. Apart from the location where the preferred dental hospital is located, there are plenty of other elements involved here.


  • Age group– The age in which you begin treatment has an impact on the cost of the braces. In case you opt for orthodontic braces at a young age, it becomes significantly more cost-effective, as it is generally much easier to fix tooth positioning issues at a young age.
  • Location– The location of the dentistry hospital plays a key role too when it comes to the cost of braces. For example, the teeth braces cost in Mumbai might be different when compared to costs you would discover in a dentistry center based in another metro.
  • Form Of Braces– The type of braces also has a significant impact on the teeth braces price in Mumbai. For example, invisible braces often cost much more in comparison to the metal braces. Additionally, the actual location of the dentistry hospital may also have an impact on the type of teeth braces price in Mumbai. For example, for invisible braces, the cost of braces in Mumbai will be different from the cost of braces in some other city or metro.

You will even find additional aspects that might have an impact on the price of braces. Hopefully, you now have a clearer picture of the teeth braces cost in Mumbai, and the elements influencing this.

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