How do you cure crooked teeth?

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It is very difficult to deal with the crooked teeth problem which creates lots of problems. Eating certain food items becomes difficult at first and next your speech is not that clear with crooked teeth. Apart from that, on many occasions, it keeps rubbing the tongue. Here, you need to do the Orthodontic treatment that can make your teeth alignment proper.


Many of us may have come across the individual who has crooked teeth. It is also found that they do not have a nice smile and do not look good while talking too. Here, the braces treatment is the ideal way to deal with this problem. The success rate of the braces for the Orthodontic treatment is found to be very nice.

Different types of braces:

Different types of braces

There are different types of options for the braces that you can use for the Orthodontic treatment. Four majorly used braces are metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, aligners (SDalign). Metal braces are one of the traditional braces that are used for long years. They are easily viewed as the metal brackets and wire along with can be seen easily.


Ceramic braces are made of that color of the teeth and cannot be viewed easily by a third person. However, both metal and ceramic braces are put on the front side of the teeth and cannot be removed from the location. Lingual braces are put from the inside part of the teeth which makes it difficult for the third person to detect it easily.


Aligners have the teeth color and can be removed from the location and put it again. Many of the youth are now going for the options of aligners.

How do braces work?

The braces constantly put pressure on the desired teeth to move them in a certain direction. After a certain duration, the jaw adapts to the pressure exerted and makes the teeth in the desired position. Gums are connected to the jaw below the teeth and it is mainly responsible for the movement of the teeth to a particular direction.


When you are putting the braces it may hardly take around 60 to 90 minutes for the complete installation. It can be difficult during the first two weeks, as you may feel soreness at first. An Orthodontist keeps adjusting the braces after a few weeks to ensure it is moving in the correct direction to achieve proper position.

How long does it take to treat crooked teeth with braces?

treat crooked teeth with braces

The duration of the crooked teeth treatment can vary from one person to another. It depends on the complexity of the crooked teeth and the type of treatment you opted for. Generally, the treatment period takes from one year to two years. You need to follow proper instructions as given by the Orthodontist to ensure that your crooked tooth gets properly aligned.


When you are going for crooked teeth treatment from an Orthodontist, note that the treatment process is usually longer. Also, you must be ready with the payment fees which are usually higher than other dental treatments. Getting a proper Orthodontist can help to make your crooked teeth in proper alignment.

Expert opinion

  • Dr Preethi Nagarajan Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "You need to go for the Orthodontic treatment while getting the crooked teeth treatment. Orthodontist experts will assess the situation of the crooked teeth and provide the solution accordingly. It is important that proper instructions must be followed. A little patience along the treatment can give you nice results."

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